Crosspoint Switches and Multiplexers

Active crosspoint switches and active analog multiplexers have high-impedance inputs and buffered outputs. The resulting benefit is that the input signal source is isolated from the output load.

Active Crosspoint Switches 

  4 Outputs 8 Outputs 16 Outputs
4 Inputs ±5V    
8 Inputs ±5V ±5V  
16 Inputs     +5, ±5V
32 Inputs     +5, ±5V

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Active Analog Multiplexers 

  Multiplexer Configuration
2:1 4:1 8:1
1 Channel ≤ 5V, ±5V +5V, ±5V +5V, ±5V
3 Channels +5V, ±5V    
4 Channels +5V, ±5V    

All Video Multiplexers 

Passive Analog Multiplexers

In comparison, passive analog multiplexers connect the input to the output through a low-resistance analog switch, and the input signal source must be able to drive the output load.

All Passive Analog Multiplexers 

For digital video applications, Maxim also offers switches and fanout devices for DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort interfaces.