Standard Definition Video Reconstruction Filters and Buffers

Low-Cost, High-Performance Standard-Definition Video Reconstruction Filters and Buffers

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The MAX7428/MAX7430/MAX7432 filters are low-cost, high-performance replacements for standard discrete filter and buffer solutions. The MAX7428/MAX7430/MAX7432 are ideal for anti-aliasing and DAC smoothing video applications, when analog video is reconstructed from a digital data stream. These devices require a single +5V supply and the filters have a cutoff frequency optimized for NTSC, PAL, and standard definition digital TV (SDTV) video signals. The MAX7428/MAX7430/MAX7432 feature Maxim's Single Pin Bus (MSPB™) interface to digitally control channel selection (IN_A or IN_B), adjust high-frequency boost, bypass the filter, configure luma vs. chroma operation, and control the output disable. The MAX7428 single-channel filter is ideal for composite (CVBS) video signals. The MAX7430 dual filter is optimized for S-Video (Y/C) applications. The MAX7432 triple filter is optimized for component (YPbPr or embedded synchronous RGB) video signals. The MAX7428 is available in a tiny 8-pin SOT23 package, the MAX7430 is available in a miniature 10-pin µMAX® package, and the MAX7432 is available in a 14-pin TSSOP package. The MAX7428/MAX7430/MAX7432 are fully specified over the -40°C to +85°C extended temperature range.
MAX7428, MAX7430, MAX7432: Pin Configuration MAX7428, MAX7430, MAX7432: Pin Configuration Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Ideal for CVBS, Y/C (S-Video), and RGB (YPbPr) Outputs for NTSC, PAL, and SDTV
  • 6th-Order Lowpass Filter
  • Drives Two 150Ω Video Loads
  • Four Levels of Passband High-Frequency Boost Control
  • Input 2 to 1 Multiplexer
  • Output Disable
  • Filter Bypassing
  • +5V Single-Supply Voltage
  • Tiny 8-Pin SOT23 Package (MAX7428), 10-Pin µMAX Package (MAX7430), and 14-Pin TSSOP Package (MAX7432)


  • Camcorders
  • DVD Players
  • Hard-Disk Recorders
  • Set-Top Boxes
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