Single/Dual/Quad, 270MHz, 1mA, SOT23, Current-Feedback Amplifiers with Shutdown

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The MAX4180 family of current-feedback amplifiers combines high-speed performance, low distortion,and excellent video specifications with ultra-low-power operation in miniature packages. They operate from ±2.25V to ±5.5V dual supplies, or from a single +5V supply. They require only 1mA of supply current per amplifier while delivering up to ±60mA of output current drive. The MAX4180/MAX4182/MAX4183/MAX4186 are compensated for applications with a closed-loop gain of +2 (6dB) or greater, and provide a -3dB bandwidth of 240MHz and a 0.1dB bandwidth of 70MHz. The MAX4181/MAX4184/MAX4185/MAX4187 are compensated for applications with a +1 (0dB) or greater gain, and provide a -3dB bandwidth of 270MHz and a 0.1dB bandwidth of 60MHz.

The MAX4180–MAX4187 feature 0.08%/0.03° differential gain and phase errors, a 20ns settling time to 0.1%, and a 450V/µs slew rate, making them ideal for high-performance video applications. The MAX4180/MAX4181/MAX4183/MAX4185 have a low-power shutdown mode that reduces power-supply current to 135µA and places the outputs in a high-impedance state. This feature makes them ideal for multiplexing applications.

The single MAX4180/MAX4181 are offered in space-saving 6-pin SOT23 packages.
MAX4180, MAX4181, MAX4182, MAX4183, MAX4184, MAX4185, MAX4186, MAX4187: Pin Configuration MAX4180, MAX4181, MAX4182, MAX4183, MAX4184, MAX4185, MAX4186, MAX4187: Pin Configuration Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Ultra-Low Supply Current: 1mA per Amplifier
  • Shutdown Mode:
    • Outputs Placed in High-Z
    • Supply Current Reduced to 135µA
  • Operate from a Single +5V Supply or Dual ±5V Supplies
  • Wide Bandwidth:
    • 270MHz -3dB Small-Signal Bandwidth (MAX4181/84/85/87)
  • 450V/µs Slew Rate
  • Fast, 20ns Settling Time to 0.1%
  • Excellent Video Specifications:
    • Gain Flatness to 70MHz (MAX4180/82/83/86)
    • 0.08%/0.03° Differential Gain/Phase
  • Low Distortion: -73dBc SFDR (fC = 5MHz, VOUT= 2VP-P)
  • Available in Tiny Surface-Mount Packages:
    • 6-Pin SOT23 (MAX4180/81)
    • 10-Pin µMAX® (MAX4183/85)
    • 16-Pin QSOP (MAX4186/87)


  • Broadcast and High-Definition TV Systems
  • High-Definition Surveillance Video
  • High-Speed A/D Buffers
  • Medical Imaging
  • Portable Battery-Powered Video/Multimedia Systems
  • Video Switching/Multiplexing
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