Video ICs Products

Our video ICs cover the complete video-processing signal chain from video input, to video processing, to video output.

We have a range of video amplifier ICs that support a wide array of video standards, including SDTV, VGA EDTV, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA and WUXGA.

For digital video applications, we provide switches and fanout devices for suitable for DVI™/HDMI™/DisplayPort™ interfaces

Our digital video signal integrity (SI) solutions—DisplayPort™ (DP), HDMI™, DVI™ (TMDS)—provide you with the best picture quality possible. They are suitable for use in next-generation long-reach and video distribution applications offering video cable length extension and signal integrity advantages. These include best automatic performance (no setting or tweaks), lowest jitter (for best and cleaned delivered picture quality), and the most flexible/ease of use (multiple switch configurations) for both cable and PCB applications. We also have differential analog video equalizers for composite video (CVBS) over twisted-pair cabling.