Integrated Heart-Rate Sensor for In-Ear Applications

Smallest Integrated Optical Heart Rate Sensor


The MAX86160 is an integrated heart rate monitor sensor module designed for the demanding requirements of mobile, wearable, and hearable devices. It includes internal LEDs, photo-detector, and low-noise electronics with high-dynamic-range ambient light rejection. This integrated product is a complete system solution, and comes with plug-and-play software and robust algorithms to give meaningful outputs to the user with minimal additional design effort. The MAX86160 sensor module takes care of the most challenging parts of the design for fast time-to-market in mobile and wearable devices.

The MAX86160 operates on a 1.8V supply voltage, with a separate 3.3V/5.0V power supply for the internal LEDs. Communication to and from the module occurs entirely through a standard I²C-compatible interface. The module can be shut down through software with near zero standby current, allowing the power rails to remain powered at all times.

Key Features

  • Miniature 4.3mm x 2.8mm x 1.45mm 18-pin Optical Module
    • Optical-Grade, Robust Glass Eliminates Customer Cover Glass
  • High In-Band 13Hz Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) Reflective Heart Rate Monitor and Medical-Grade Pulse Oximeter
  • Ultra Low-Power Operation for Mobile Device
    • Zero-Power Shutdown Current (0.7µA, typ)
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range


  • Wearable and Hearable Devices
  • Smartphones/Tablets
  • Disposable Patch Sensors
  • Fitness Assistant Devices
Part Number Applications Integrated LEDs ISUPPLY
Shutdown Mode Supply Current
Oper. Temp.
typ typ min max ADC
MAX86160  Wearable Devices
400 0.7 1.7 2 19 -40 to +85
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MAX86160EVSYS: Evaluation Kit for the MAX86160

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