Low-Power Digital Potentiometers

First SOT23 Digital Potentiometer


The MAX5160/MAX5161 linear-taper digital potentiometers perform the same function as a mechanical potentiometer or a variable resistor. They consist of a fixed resistor and a wiper contact with 32 tap points that are digitally controlled by three lines for the 8-pin MAX5160 or by two lines for the 6-pin MAX5161.

These parts are ideal for applications requiring digitally controlled resistors. Three resistance values are available for each part type: 50kΩ,100kΩ, and 200kΩ. A nominal resistor temperature coefficient of 50ppm/°C end-to-end and only 5ppm/°C ratiometric makes the MAX5160 ideal for applications requiring a low-temperature-coefficient variable resistor, such as low-tempco, adjustable-gain circuit configurations.

The MAX5160 is available in an 8-pin µMAX package, and the MAX5161 is available in a 6-pin SOT23 package. Both devices are guaranteed over the extended-industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C).
MAX5160, MAX5161: Functional Diagram MAX5160, MAX5161: Functional Diagram Enlarge+

Key Features

  • 32 Tap Positions
  • 50kΩ, 100kΩ, and 200kΩ Resistance Values
  • 400Ω Wiper Resistance
  • ±25% Resistance Tolerance
  • 3-Wire Serial Data Input
  • ±1LSB DNL
  • ±0.5LSB INL
  • 100nA Supply Current
  • +2.7V to +5.5V Single-Supply Operation
  • Power-On Reset: Wiper Goes to Midscale (position 16)
  • ±2kV ESD Protection
  • Small-Footprint Packages
    • 6-Pin SOT23 (MAX5161)
    • 8-Pin µMAX (MAX5160)
  • Glitchless Switching Between the Resistor Taps


  • LCD Screen Adjustment
  • Mechanical Potentiometer Replacements
  • Volume Control
Part Number Taper POTs Control Interface Wiper Memory Steps REND-TO-END
Res. Tol.
Temp. Coeff.
Wiper Resistance
Package/Pins Budgetary
typ typ max See Notes
MAX5160  Linear 1 3-Wire Serial Volatile 32
25 50 400 10
$0.75 @1k
$0.70 @1k
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