Digital Potentiometers

Digital potentiometers (digipots) are used to trim and scale analog signals. They provide an output resistance that is variable based on digital inputs and so are sometimes referred to as resistive digital-to-analog converters (RDACs).

Digipots are typically available with linear or logarithmic tap points. In addition, Maxim offers some further variations of the basic digipot. Nonvolatile digipots retain their last programmed wiper position when the power supply is switched off. OTP digpots set the wiper's power-on reset (POR) position to a user-defined value.

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Linear Taper Non-Volatile Volatile OTP Single Single EEPROM Single Dual Three or More Dual Three or More Log Taper Non-Volatile Volatile Fiber Monitoring and Control Programmable Precision Voltage Dividers 32-Taps 64-Taps 32-Taps 64-Taps 100-Taps 128-Taps 256-Taps 1024-Taps 100+256-Taps 256-Taps 1024-Taps 100+256-Taps 128-Taps 256-Taps 32-Taps 128-Taps 256-Taps 256-Taps 64-Taps See All Parts See All Parts See All Parts See All Parts See Calibration Digital Potentiometers