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Our portfolio of data converters is one of the largest in the industry. Our broad selection of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and analog front-end ICs can be used in a variety of applications including industrial, communication, automotive and consumer products. A wide range of precision conversion ICs include features such as low noise, successive-approximation register (SAR), sigma delta conversion, and integrated programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs). Data converter resolution from 8-bit to 24-bit and sample rates up to 3Msps are available with interfaces such as SPI, I2C and parallel. Our small, low power data converters include unique options such as smart sequencers and beyond-the-rail capability.

Data Converter Development Boards

Smart Force Sensor Human Machine Interface Demo

Watch a demo of our new concept for human-machine interfaces. Traditional touchscreens are fragile and don’t work well with gloves. Our smart force sensor reference design measures mass and center of mass to provide location and downward force of the touch input. MAXREFDES82 is a rugged, low power design that works in harsh environments where gloves may be required and glass is not allowed.

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18-Bit Precision Data Acquisition System


Performs High-Speed, Precision Data Acquisition with High-Accuracy, Low-Power Data Converters.

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16-Bit Four-Channel Analog Input Micro PLC Card


Complete Analog Front-End for Next-Gen Ultra-Small PLCs with Isolated Power and Data.

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Smart Force Sensor


Industrial sensor displays weight and center of mass for objects placed on the platform, up to 780g.

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Understanding DAC Specifications
24:00 March 15, 2019

Data Converter Products

12-Bit, 2Msps, Dual Simultaneous Sampling SAR ADC with Internal Reference


High-Precision and High Speed for More Accurate Measurements

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16-Bit, 500ksps, ±5V SAR ADC with Internal Reference in µMAX


Improves Measurement Quality with True Bipolar Range in a Small Size.

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24-Bit Multi-Channel Low-Power 1.9ksps Delta-Sigma ADC with PGA


Optimized for Precision Sensor Measurement and More Efficient System Design

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