Beyond-the-Rails Technology

Integrated circuits that incorporate Maxim's Beyond-the-Rails technology can process incoming signals that are greater than the supply voltage and less than ground. In addition, Beyond-the-Rails products that have an analog output can provide signals that are greater than the supply voltage and less than ground.

Beyond-the-Rails technology substantially simplifies an analog design, reducing component count and reducing required board space by eliminating the need for multiple power rails. Layout is simplified by reducing the required number of power rails and a significant amount of board space is conserved because only a single power rail is needed. In addition, Beyond-the-Rails technology completely eliminates some power supply components.

Beyond-the-rails products

Analog IC's incorporating Beyond-the-Rails technology have a single power rail. Products incorporating Beyond-the-Rails technology generate higher single-polarity or dual-polarity power rails on-chip. A Beyond-the-Rails analog IC that uses a 3.3V power rail, for example, can process either single polarity 0 to 10V analog input signals or dual-polarity -10V to +10V analog input signals. Some Beyond-the-Rails single-supply analog ICs can process analog signals in the range of up to ±25V.

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