Integrated ADC ICs

Many of Maxim's precision ADCs offer integrated signal chain functions. This integration reduces design time while providing a perfectly matched solution. Some ADCs feature a programmable gain op amp (PGA), some a precision reference, and others a front end multiplexor.

View Maxim's best integrated ADC ICs:

ADCs with Integrated Op Amp 
ADCs with Integrated Reference 
ADCs with Integrated Op Amp and Mux 

Here are some of Maxim's featured integrated ADCs:

16-Bit Multirange ADC with PGA and Reference


Low-power, 8-channel 16-bit, successive-approximation, ADC with integrated PGA and voltage reference. Each channel is independently programmable to support a different input range.

18-Bit, SAR ADC with Internal Reference


18-bit, SAR has 5V rail and offers with true bipolar input range, small size, and internal reference.

16-Bit, Low-Power, 2-Channel, Sigma-Delta ADCs


The MAX1415/MAX1416 low-power, 2-channel, serial-output analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) use a sigma-delta modulator with a digital filter to achieve 16-bit resolution with no missing codes.