12-Bit, 170Msps ADC with CMOS Outputs for Wideband Applications

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The MAX19542 monolithic 12-bit, 170Msps analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is optimized for outstanding dynamic performance at high-IF frequencies of 300MHz and beyond. This device operates with conversion rates up to 170Msps while consuming only 907mW.

At 170Msps and an input frequency of 240MHz, the MAX19542 achieves a spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of 76.4dBc. The MAX19542 features an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 65dB at 10MHz that remains flat (within 3dB) for input tones up to 250MHz. This makes the MAX19542 ideal for wideband applications such as power-amplifier predistortion in cellular base-station transceiver systems.

The MAX19542 operates in either parallel mode where the data outputs appear on a single parallel port at the sampling rate, or in demux parallel mode, where the outputs appear on two separate parallel ports at one-half the sampling rate. See the Modes of Operation section in the full data sheet.

The MAX19542 operates on a single 1.8V supply. The analog input is differential and can be AC- or DC-coupled. The ADC also features a selectable on-chip divide-by-2 clock circuit that allows clock frequencies as high as 340MHz. This helps to reduce the phase noise of the input clock source, allowing for higher dynamic performance. For best performance, a differential LVPECL sampling clock is recommended. The digital outputs are CMOS compatible and the data format can be selected to be either two's complement or offset binary.

A pin-compatible, 12-bit, 125Msps version of the MAX19542 is also available. Refer to the MAX19541 data sheet for more information.

The MAX19542 is available in a 68-pin QFN with exposed pad (EP) and is specified over the extended (-40°C to +85°C) temperature range.

See a parametric table of the complete family of pin-compatible, 12-bit high-speed ADCs.
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Key Features

  • 170Msps Conversion Rate
  • SNR = 64.3dB, fIN = 100MHz at 170Msps
  • SFDR = 73dBc, fIN = 100MHz at 170Msps
  • ±0.7 LSB INL, ±0.25 DNL (typ)
  • 907mW Power Dissipation at 170Msps
  • On-Chip Selectable Divide-by-2 Clock Input
  • Parallel or Demux Parallel Digital CMOS Outputs
  • Reset Option for Synchronizing Multiple ADCs
  • Data Clock Output
  • Offset Binary or Two's-Complement Output
  • Evaluation Kit Available (MAX19542EVKIT)


  • Base-Station Power-Amplifier Linearization
  • Cable Head-End Receivers
  • Communications Test Equipment
  • Radar and Satellite Subsystems
  • Wireless and Wired Broadband Communication
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