Analog-to-Digital Converters

We have one of the broadest offerings available of analog-to-digital converter (ADC) products. Our portfolio includes precision analog-to-digital converter ICs with superior conversion performance under 2Msps, and high speed ADC ICs optimized for sample rates over 2Gsps.

Our newest products offer market leading performance for fast conversion speeds and low power consumption. Many of our new analog-to-digital converter ICs provide built-in signal chain features, such as ADCs with integrated programmable gain amplifiers and precision voltage references.

Our broad ADC portfolio also includes many high performance and cost effective solutions for specialized applications, such as simultaneous sampling ADCs and ADCs with built-in power rails.

See our analog input solutions page for a complete solution.

Learn how to select a signal chain for temperature and pressure sensor designs.

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Type ID Title
System Board5985MAXREFDES75#: 24-Bit Weigh Scale with a 16-Bit DAC, 0 to 10V Output
System Board5979MAXREFDES38#: ECT/EPT Current Fault Sensor
System Board5952MAXREFDES60#: 16-Bit Analog Output Micro PLC
System Board5944MAXREFDES74#: 18-Bit Precision Data Acquisition System
System Board5943MAXREFDES61#: 16-Bit Four-Channel Analog Input Micro PLC Card
System Board5883MAXREFDES32#: 2-Channel Analog Input/Analog Output with Flyback DC-DC
System Board5879MAXREFDES36#: IO-Link 16-Channel Digital Input Hub
System Board5865MAXREFDES71#: 2-Channel Analog Input/Analog Output with Transformer Driven Power
System Board5827Petaluma (MAXREFDES30#): 8-Channel Simultaneous-Sampling Analog Front End
Reference Circuit5684High-Performance Temperature Measurement Using Thermocouples and Precision Delta-Sigma ADCs, Part 2
System Board5683Monterey (MAXREFDES15#): Ultra-Low Power, High-Accuracy 4–20mA 2-Wire Current-Loop Sensor
Reference Circuit5610High-Performance, High-Accuracy 4-20mA Current-Loop Transmitter Meets Toughest Industrial Requirements
Reference Circuit5320Intelligent Lighting Controller Measures Ambient Light and Tracks Time
Reference Circuit5244Modern PRTD Temperature Sensors and High-Resolution Delta-Sigma ADCs Enable Wide Range High-Accuracy Temperature Measurements
Reference Circuit5032Modern Thermocouples and a High-Resolution Delta-Sigma ADC Enable High-Precision Temperature Measurement
Reference Circuit4655Signal Conditioning for a Sigma-Delta ADC in Industrial Multichannel Data Acquisition Systems
Reference Circuit4531Reference Design for a PC-based Temperature-Measurement System
Reference Circuit4530Reference Design for a PC-Based Oscilloscope