Our portfolio of data converters is one of the largest in the industry. Maxim Integrated’s diverse range of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and analog front-end ICs can be used in a variety of applications including industrial, communication, automotive and consumer products.

Maxim Integrated’s portfolio of ADCs includes precision analog-to-digital converter ICs with superior conversion performance under 2Msps, and high-speed ADC ICs optimized for sample rates over 2Gsps. Our newest products offer market leading performance for fast conversion speeds and low power consumption. Many of our new analog-to-digital converter ICs provide built-in signal chain features, such as ADCs with integrated programmable gain amplifiers and precision voltage references.

We have a broad selection of digital-to-analog converter (DAC) ICs with resolution from 4 to 18 bits and sampling rates over 4Gsps

Maxim Integrated’s line of ultrasound AFE ICs provide breakthrough levels of performance for high channel count, cart-based and portable ultrasound imaging systems. Our completely integrated ultrasound transceivers, receivers and transmitters can help you to save power, increase reliability, speed up design time, and reduce board space by replacing the thousands of discrete components normally required for ultrasound AFE designs

In addition to our range of basic digital potentiometers, we provide nonvolatile digital potentiometers which retain their last programmed wiper position when the power supply is switched off. We also have OTP digital potentiometers that allow you to set the wiper's power-on reset (POR) position to a desired value.

To make electronic calibration of equipment more reliable, cost effective, and flexible. We offer DACs, digital potentiometers, and voltage references specifically optimized for calibration applications, simplifying design-in of this important feature.

Digital-to-Analog Converters

Maxim offers one of the largest selections of digital to analog converters (DACs) in the industr...

Analog Front-End ICs

High-speed AFEs from Maxim are optimized for high dynamic performance and ultra-low power, for w...

Digital Potentiometers

Digital potentiometers from Maxim include a wide selection of volatile and nonvolatile digipots ...

Calibration ICs

Maxim offers DACs, digital potentiometers, and voltage references specifically optimized for cal...

Beyond-the-Rails Technology

Integrated circuit technology incorporates step-up and inverting power supplies to reduce the nu...

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Multichannel ADC Accuracy for Accurate Sensing

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November 26, 2019

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How Analog ICs Support Seismic Signal Detection

November 19, 2019

Analog ICs are enabling precise, power-efficient seismic technology. Learn how Geophysical Technology, Inc (GTI) uses our analog ICs with our MAX11216 .

CCCamp Badge is More than an Entry Ticket – It’s a Sensor-Rich Reference Design

October 15, 2019

CCCamp badge provides open-source, wearable reference design with ECG and PPG sensors. What can you create with it?

Don’t Go Breaking Your Heart to Add ECG to Your Wearable

June 27, 2019

Integrating ECG functionality into your wearables can be a fast and easy process with a fully integrated biopotential ECG AFE.

An Insider's View of Analog Artistry at electronica 2018

December 13, 2018

Tom Bui, principal MTS at Maxim, highlights how designers can add functions to their designs while reducing footprint and power consumption.

Got a Wearable Health Design Idea? Here’s How to Make It Accurate

July 10, 2018

MAX-HEALTH-BAND and MAX-ECG-MONITOR reduce prototyping time for creating heart-rate monitoring wearables by up to six months.

How PA Linearization Solves Key Challenge for Remote PHY Fiber Nodes

October 13, 2017

Learn how an open-loop DPD solution reduces power and complexity in cable remote PHY fiber nodes.

Why Not Design a Smaller PLC?

September 12, 2017

Learn how small, low-power analog ICs help reduce the programmable logic controller (PLC) footprint.

3 Cool Technologies for Virtual Healthcare

August 31, 2017

Using Maxim ICs, three health tech companies have created tools that support preventive and personalized care.

Achieving Fast, Accurate Fault Detection on Smart Electricity Grid

November 22, 2016

Maxim’s MAXREFDES38# reference design is a current fault sensor that can provide faster, more accurate fault detection on smart electricity grids.


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Performs High-Speed, Precision Data Acquisition with High-Accuracy, Low-Power Data Converters.
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Complete Analog Front-End for Next-Gen Ultra-Small PLCs with Isolated Power and Data.
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Industrial sensor displays weight and center of mass for objects placed on the platform, up to 7...