Clock Generation and Distribution

Maxim Integrated’s timing ICs achieve the industry's best jitter performance and integrate multiple features to help you save board space and reduce power dissipation.

Maxim Integrated’s broad range supports industry standards such as Ethernet, IEEE® 1588, Fiber Channel, SAS/SATA, InfiniBand, PCIe®, spread spectrum, SONET/SDH, DWDM, FEC, E1/T1, GSM, UMTS, and WCDMA.

Maxim Integrated has clock multiplier ICs that offer a precise, economical and reliable timing solution to reduce electro-magnetic interference (EMI) radiation, and to ensure compliance with EMI. Our pin-programmable clock multipliers generate a wide range of clock frequencies (8MHz to 134MHz) from a single external crystal. Dithered spread-spectrum output significantly reduces EMI emissions. Pin-selectable dither magnitude and rate allows real-time adjustment of dither settings.

Maxim Integrated’s offer highly-reliable and economical silicon oscillators and high-precision crystal oscillator modules. These provide you with a reliable and economical timing solution alternative to crystal-based offerings. These entirely electronic solutions contain no mechanical components and are insensitive to humidity, dirt, vibration, and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Our crystal oscillator modules offer the most precise timing solutions available with industry leading accuracy over temperature, frequency stability, and best phase noise and jitter feature sets. We provide fixed frequency and spread spectrum silicon oscillators and voltage-controlled and temperature compensated crystal oscillators.