DSM Laser Characterization

Speaker laser characterization ensures that your DSM settings and speaker excursion specifications are set accurately and reliably. After you have chosen your final production speaker and enclosure, view the videos below for more insight into the DSM laser characterization process. Below, you will also find a list of suggested speaker vendors.

What is the Laser Characterization Process?

What is Speaker Laser Characterization and Why Do I Need It?


DSM Laser Characterization

As the final verification step to move from design to production using DSM, we strongly suggest you send us 3 to 5 speakers for precision characterization under our proprietary laser measurement system. The purchase of an evaluation kit entitles you to a single, free speaker laser characterization (one per kit). Claim your free characterization using the 12-character submission code affixed to the bottom of the kit.

To submit speakers for characterization, use the link below. Please note: this step is only required for your final speaker and enclosure design.

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Preferred Micro Speaker Vendors

PUI Audio

Lifecycle Support: Industrial/Medical and Consumer

PUI Audio, founded in 1978, is the market leader in high-quality audio components—from beeps and buzzes to complex, purpose-built micro speakers and microphones. PUI Audio’s team brings a combination of extensive application engineering experience along with industry-leading customer support to fulfill even the most technically demanding requirements. Dedication to new product innovation and the ability to meet customers’ needs makes PUI Audio stand out in the audio industry. They specialize in designing micro speakers for smart home IoT/security, industrial/medical applications, and other compact products. They also support longer product lifecycles ideal for industrial and medical customers.

For product inquiries or orders, please email PUI at:

OBO Pro.2

Lifecycle Support: Consumer

OBO Pro.2 is AAC’s exclusive distributor, a well-established acoustic design company to provide industry-leading audio performance using AAC’s best-in-class drivers. OBO Pro.2 offers a complete support structure from idea to mass production. Their services include mechanical testing/design, acoustic testing/design, tooling, and mass production support. OBO Pro.2 supports custom enclosure design for customers down to 50K/year volumes and have streamlined our design process to support Maxim’s DSM Technology.

For product enquiry and order placement, please contact AAC’s exclusive distributor - OBO Pro.2 at for USA/Canada/Europe and for Asia Pacific.

AAC Technologies

Lifecycle Support: Consumer

AAC Technologies provides leading acoustic solutions utilizing cutting-edge, miniaturized, advanced proprietary technologies. Through advanced R&D and in-house, high-precision, fully automated and smart manufacturing, AAC delivers the highest performance and highest quality products – to enhance the user experience of tomorrow’s smart devices and beyond. AAC has partnered with Maxim’s DSM solution to ensure an optimal mesh of the best performance from both solutions. For more information, please visit

Fortune Grand Technology, Inc.

Lifecycle Support: Consumer

Fortune Grand Technology, Inc. has had a strong reputation for high-quality manufacturing of audio products for 24 years and is the world’s leading speaker supplier for PC and IoT audio products. With over 30 years of acoustic technology experience, they are proficient in offering total solutions to their worldwide customers. By virtue of excellent R&D and the continuous innovation of their manufacturing process, they are able to stay ahead of the market and develop speakers with cutting-edge acoustic technology to fulfil various needs in the consumer audio market.

For product inquiries or orders, please contact Fortune Grand ›

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