Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM)

Get Bigger Sound from Micro Speakers with DSM

Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) smart amplifiers are an audio solution that combines high-performance current and voltage (IV) sense amplifiers with our patented DSM algorithm to create louder and richer sound from micro speakers. The DSM’s tiny, ultra-efficient boosted audio amplifiers are a great fit for compact products like smart home IoT, portable industrial/medical devices, and gaming. DSM smart amplifiers enable up to a 2.5x increase in loudness (sound pressure level) for micro speakers while significantly improving bass response.

How Does DSM Work?

DSM smart amplifiers utilize current and voltage (IV) feedback and integrate our proven patented DSM speaker protection algorithm within a fixed DSP function. No extra programming is required! This minimizes time to market and reduces design resource overhead. The patented DSM algorithm and IV feedback enable DSM smart amplifiers to push maximum loudness and bass response without exceeding the micro speaker’s excursion or thermal limits. This extra protection leads to louder sound that is clearer and comes with industry-leading low-power consumption.

Is DSM a Fit for My System?

What is a micro speaker? Micro speakers are basically smaller versions of a standard speaker. They usually have a rated power specification from 1W to 2W and a diaphragm area of 1cm2 to 2.5cm2.

Micro speakers either have a small case specifically designed for the driver (an enclosure) or have no case (bare driver). DSM offers the most bass improvement when the front sound waves are isolated from the rear waves, usually with an enclosure. Regardless of the micro speaker design, the patented Perceptual Power Reduction (PPR) algorithm dynamically filters content and volume levels, saving up to an additional 25% of power without a perceptible change in audio fidelity.

DSM Featured Solutions

"Having a simplified turnkey solution like the MAX98390 in our toolbox to increase the ability of our micro speakers makes the job easier and our customers much happier—which is the ultimate goal."
—Michael Van Den Broek, Senior Applications Engineer for PUI Audio—

DSM smart amplifiers address the challenge of retrofitting most micro speaker designs. Our fixed function digital signal processor (DSP) simplifies implementation, requiring only a register map, which is created using our intuitive, easy-to-use DSM Sound Studio GUI. Furthermore, we’ve simplified the tedious process of prototyping speaker designs into three easy steps: extract, tune, and evaluate. Previously, speaker characterization required expensive equipment and significant expertise. Instead of this long tedious process, our patented algorithm empowers designers to quickly and efficiently characterize speakers using the DSM Sound Studio GUI.

Once you have completed your prototyping designs with the DSM Sound Studio and have chosen your final speaker + enclosure, submit your speaker + enclosure to Maxim for a final high-precision laser characterization.