Dynamic Speaker Management

Get Bigger Sound from Micro Speakers with DSM

Mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and ultrabooks, experience huge challenges when it comes to speaker design. They must balance a desire for bigger sound, better sound quality, lower power, and improved reliability against the increasingly smaller size of micro speakers.

Electromagnetic micro speakers have a permanent magnet and a voice coil attached to a diaphragm that pushes the air to create sound. A micro speaker is enclosed in a protective box that provides the back volume for the speaker to push against and project sound. However, micro speakers have inherent problems: they are not very loud, they have no bass response, they can break easily, and they can be easily overdriven to the point where the sound is distorted.

Our patented Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM™) technology overcomes these challenges for micro speakers. The result is that DSM creates a much louder and richer sound experience over conventional technologies.

In addition, DSM provides:

  • High performance with richer bass and preservation of stereo Image
  • Maximum protection through voice coil thermal protection and excursion limiting
  • Voice interoperability that works with speakerphone AEC
  • Low-cost solution that minimizes hardware DSP redundancy


DSM Advantages for Micro Speakers



Conventional Class D
Maximum utilization of speaker capability, higher SPL
Under-utilization of speaker capability
True bass extension frequency response
Tiny tweeter sound
Output swing tracking battery prevents premature collapsing
Fixed output swing even when battery voltage is low
Same speaker, double the loudness
Need larger speaker to get louder sound

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