Speaker Amplifiers

Maxim's speaker amplifier ICs combine superior sonic quality with technological breakthroughs that simplify the design process, save space, extend battery life, and reduce system cost. Our speaker amp ICs offer output power levels from less than 1W up to 50W. Maxim's innovative packaging technology provides the smallest Class AB and Class D amplifiers available. Our IV sense boosted Class D speaker amplifiers employ our patented Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) technology, providing up to two times loudness improvement over standard Class D amps.

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Class D Speaker Amplifiers

Maxim's Class D amplifiers offer very high wideband jitter tolerance, low THD+N, and low output offset voltage to deliver superior performance and audio quality. Our Class D speaker amps use patented spread-spectrum modulation techniques in conjunction with sophisticated edge-rate control technology to minimize EMI emissions.
Class D 

Class DG Speaker Amplifiers

Maxim's Class DG speaker amps offer highly efficient, high-power audio portable solutions. Class DG multilevel architecture combines Class D switching output efficiency and Class G supply level shifting to more efficiently supply the required signal power. This allows for optimal efficiency over a wide output range.
Class DG 

Boosted Speaker Amplifiers

Our boosted speaker amplifier ICs are designed for battery-operated portable devices. Integrated boost converters provide constant output power for louder audio output over a wide range of battery supply voltages.

Class AB Speaker Amplifiers

Class AB speaker amplifiers have higher efficiency than Class A, but less distortion than Class B. Maxim's Class AB speaker amp ICs offer high SNR, low THD+N, and typically achieve up to 65% efficiency, making them ideal choices as high-fidelity speaker drivers. They are used in applications such as portable media players, digital cameras, tablets, and e-readers where high fidelity is a necessity.
Class AB 

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