Maxim's speaker amplifier ICs combine superior sonic quality with technological breakthroughs that simplify the design process, save space, extend battery life, and reduce system cost. Our speaker amp ICs offer output power levels from less than 1W up to 50W. Maxim's innovative packaging technology provides the smallest Class AB and Class D amplifiers available. Our IV sense boosted Class D speaker amplifiers employ our patented Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) technology, providing up to two times loudness improvement over standard Class D amps.

Class D
Maxim's Class D amplifiers offer very high wideband jitter tolerance, low THD+N, and low output ...
Maxim's Class DG speaker amps offer highly efficient, high-power audio portable solutions. Class...
Class AB
Class AB speaker amplifiers have higher efficiency than Class A, but less distortion than Class ...
Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM)
Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM™) smart amplifiers are an audio solution that combines high-perf...

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How Soundmatters Is Making Small, Portable Speakers Sound Better

June 25, 2020

Soundmatters is enhancing the sound quality of its ultra-small portable speakers with Maxim Integrated’s MAX98390 speaker amplifier.

How to Drive Micro Speakers to Their Maximum Power Rating

October 24, 2019

Learn how Smart Audio Amplifiers enhance Micro Speakers and get the maximum power rating to achieve louder sound and more bass.

How to Get Louder, Richer Sound from Micro Speakers

July 25, 2019

Learn how new boosted, digital Class D smart amplifier, MAX98390, enables you to deliver louder, richer sound from micro speakers.

Want Your Oven to Play Your Favorite U2 Song?

August 01, 2017

Experts share tips for building speaker systems, whether they’re for standalone use or integrated into, say, an appliance or mobile device.

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MAX98390 Boosted Class-D Amplifier with Integrated Dynamic Speaker Management
The MAX98390 is a high-efficiency mono Class-D DSM smart amplifier that features an integrated b...
  • Integrated Speaker Current and Voltage Sense Requires no External Components
  • Integrated Programmable 10V Boost Converter
    • Bypass Mode
    • Envelope Tracking
  • Integrated Dynamic Speaker Management
    • Thermal Protection
    • Excursion Protection
    • Low-Frequency Extension
    • 8-Band Parametric Equalizer
    • Dynamic Range Compression
    • Perceptual Power Reduction
    • Debuzzer
    • Stereo Bass Management
  • Ultra-Low Noise Floor
    • 10µV Output Noise
    • 116dB Dynamic Range
  • Low Distortion—0.01% THD+N
  • Output Power at 1% THD+N, VVBAT = 4.3V
    • 5.1W into 8Ω
    • 5.1W into 4Ω
  • Output Power at 10% THD+N, VVBAT = 4.3V
    • 6.2W into 8Ω
    • 6.2W into 4Ω
  • System Efficiency
    • 82% at 1.2W into 8Ω, VVBAT = 3.7V
    • 86% at 0.45W into 8Ω, VVBAT = 3.7V
  • Dynamic Speaker Output FET Scaling
  • 2.65V to 5.5V Battery Voltage Range
  • I2S/16-Channel TDM and I2C Interfaces
  • Class-D Edge Rate Control Enables Filterless Operation
  • Advanced Brownout-Protection Engine
  • Extensive Click-and-Pop Suppression
  • Robust Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection
  • Space-Saving, 30-Bump WLP Package (2.468mm x 2.968mm, 0.5mm Pitch) or 36-Bump WLP Package (2.418mm x 2.608mm, 0.4mm Pitch)
MAX98307 3.3W Mono Class DG Multilevel Audio Amplifier
The MAX98307/MAX98308 fully differential mono Class DG multilevel power amplifiers with integrat...
  • High Efficiency Combined with High Output Power
    • Class DG Multilevel Modulation Ensures Maximum Efficiency Over Wide Output Power Range
  • Improves Battery Life
    • Low 1.85mA Quiescent Current
  • High Output Power at 1% THD+N
    • 1.54W at VPVDD = 3.6V, 8Ω + 68µH Load
    • 2.85W at VPVDD = 5V, 8Ω + 68µH Load
  • High Output Power at 10% THD+N
    • 1.77W at VPVDD = 3.6V, 8Ω + 68µH Load
    • 3.3W at VPVDD = 5V, 8Ω + 68µH Load
  • 84% Efficiency (VPVDD = 3.6V, at 500mW Output)
  • Active Emissions Limiting and Class DG Multilevel Output Modulation Eliminates EMI Output Filtering Requirement
  • Integrated Charge Pump and High Efficiency Results in Small Solution Size
  • Excellent RF Immunity
  • Click-and-Pop Suppression
  • Thermal and Overcurrent Protection
  • Low-Current Shutdown Mode
MAX98356 PDM Input Class D Audio Power Amplifier
The MAX98356 is a digital pulse-density modulated (PDM) input Class D power amplifier that provi...
  • Single-Supply Operation (2.5V to 5.5V)
  • 3.2W Output Power into 4Ω at 5V
  • 1.8mA Quiescent Current
  • 92% Efficiency (RL = 8Ω, POUT = 900mW, VDD = 3.7V)
  • 29µVRMS Output Noise (AV = 6dB)
  • Low 0.013% THD+N at 1kHz
  • Exceptionally High Jitter Tolerance
  • Supported PDM_CLK Rates of 1.84MHz–4.32MHz and 5.28MHz–8.64MHz
  • Supports Left, Right, or Left/2 + Right/2 Outputs
  • Sophisticated Edge Rate Control Enables Filterless Class D Outputs
  • 77dB PSRR at 217Hz
  • Low RF Susceptibility Rejects TDMA Noise from GSM Radios
  • Extensive Click-and-Pop Reduction Circuitry
  • Robust Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection
  • Available in Space-Saving Package: 1.345mm x 1.435mm WLP (0.4mm Pitch)
MAX98500 Boosted 2.2W Class D Amplifier with Automatic Level Control
The MAX98500 is a high-efficiency Class D audio amplifier that features an integrated boost conv...
  • Boosted Class D Output
  • Integrated Automatic Level Control
  • Output Power
    • 2.2W into 8Ω, 10% THD+N
    • 1.7W into 8Ω, 1% THD+N
  • Wide 2.5V to 5.5V Supply Voltage Range
  • Undervoltage Lockout Protection
  • High Total Efficiency of 87%
  • High Step-Up Switching Frequency (2MHz)
  • Active Emission Limiting for Low EMI
MAX9744 20W Stereo Class D Speaker Amplifier with Volume Control
The MAX9744 20W stereo Class D audio power amplifier provides Class AB amplifier performance wit...
  • Wide 4.5V to 14V Power-Supply Voltage Range
  • Filterless Spread-Spectrum Modulation Lowers Radiated RF Emissions from Speaker Cables
  • 20W Stereo Output (4Ω, VDD = 12V, THD+N = 10%)
  • Integrated Volume Control (I²C or Analog)
  • Low 0.04% THD+N
  • High 75dB PSRR
  • High 93% Efficiency
  • Integrated Click-and-Pop Suppression
  • Low-Power Shutdown Mode
  • Short-Circuit and Thermal-Overload Protection
  • Available in a 44-Pin Thin QFN-EP (7mm x 7mm x 0.8mm)