Maxim's headphone amplifier ICs deliver industry-leading audio quality and performance. Our DirectDrive® technology improves on conventional single-supply headphone amps with reduced solution size, cost savings, and enhanced audio quality.

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DirectDrive headphone amplifiers eliminate the need for a DC-blocking capacitor required by conventional headphone amps, resulting in reduced distortion, significantly less click-and-pop, better bass performance, and savings in solution size and cost.

Maxim's Class H headphone amplifier ICs provide higher efficiency than the closest competitive Class G amplifiers. Our dual-mode DirectDrive II Class H headphone amplifiers save power by switching between two supply voltages. This technology renders a continuous signal without the glitches seen in Class G amplifiers.
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MAXREFDES1263: True Wireless Stereo Cradle and Earbuds

This solution demonstrates a small size, low power, high effective, high accuracy power manageme...

MAXREFDES1165: 32-Channel Industrial Digital I/O Module

The MAXREFDES1165 is a complete, 32-channel industrial digital I/O module comprising 16 digital ...

MAXREFDES150#: Pocket IO PLC Development Platform

Pocket IO™ integrates 30 IO's consisting of Analog I/Os, Digital I/Os, RS485, Encoder / Motor Co...

MAXREFDES145#: 8-Channel IO-Link Master

The MAXREFDES145# is an IO-Link®-compliant, 8-port IO-Link master reference design that uses TEC...
MAXREFDES179# Reference Design Board

MAXREFDES179# Reference Design Board

The MAXREFDES179 reference design is a complete Universal Serial Bus (USB) type-C PD solution fe...

MAXREFDES9002: C-source Reference for Operating the DS28E18 from Cortex-M4 GPIO Pins

Extend an I2C and SPI interface using the DS28E18 with included M4 compatible 1-Wire API and C-d...

MAXREFDES1258: 1200W DC-DC Buck Converter Using the MAX15157B

The MAXREFDES1258 is a 1200W, 12V 4-phase DC-DC buck converter that can deliver up to 100A load ...

MAXREFDES1275: 1A,3-Channel LED Driver in Buck Configuration using MAX20050 and its dimming control using MAX32630FTHR

The MAX20050 is a high-brightness LED driver for automotive exterior lighting applications.

Remote Monitoring System Sends Email via SMS

Remote monitoring of temperature and an analogue signal via E-mails. On meeting certain alarm co...

MAXREFDES1089: Miniature, 12V/250mA, Synchronous, No-Opto Flyback DC-DC Converter with 91.7% Efficiency

Due to its simplicity and low cost, the flyback converter is the preferred choice for low-to-med...

MAXREFDES1091: Miniature, 12V/250mA, No-Opto Flyback DC-DC Converter with 91% Efficiency Using MAX17690 Reference Design

Due to its simplicity and low cost, the flyback converter is the preferred choice for low-to-med...

MAXREFDES1171: Low-Power Fault Indicators

The MAXREFDES1171 uses Maxim® low-power chips for power grid fault indicators based on the low-p...

MAXREFDES1168: 7V/200mA or 5V/100mA, Iso-Buck DC-DC Converter Using the MAX17681A

The MAX17681/MAX17681A is a high-voltage, highefficiency, iso-buck DC-DC converter designed to p...

MAXREFDES1099: Miniature, 24V/500mA, No-Opto Flyback DC-DC Converter with 93% Efficiency Using the MAX17690

Due to its simplicity and low cost, the flyback converter is the preferred choice for low-to-med...

MAXREFDES1141: 2.4W DC-DC Flyback Converter Using the MAX17596

The MAX17596 is a peak-current-mode controller for designing wide input-voltage flyback regulato...