Audio Codecs and Audio Data Converter ICs

Audio codecs (coder/decoders) are a type of audio data converters that encode analog audio as digital signals and decode digital audio back into analog. Audio codecs contain both an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Our Audio ADCs offer some of the best SNR and THD specifications in the industry.

Maxim Integrated's innovative digital audio data converter ICs deliver extremely high SNR and low THD+N performance at low supply voltages while providing flexible clocking, broad sampling-rate support and, in select products, integration of our DirectDrive® headphone amplifiers.

Audio Codecs

Our high-performance, low-power stereo audio codec ICs are designed for portable consumer applications such as smartphones, tablets, portable gaming systems, and portable media devices. Maxim also provides audio codec ICs for wireless voice headsets and other mono voice audio devices.

Many of our audio codec ICs incorporate Maxim's proprietary FlexSound audio technology. FlexSound optimizes signal level and frequency response while limiting the maximum distortion and level at the output to prevent speaker damage. The FlexSound audio signal processor provides low-power advanced signal processing, including equalization, dynamic range compression, speaker protection, microphone noise suppression during wideband calls, acoustic echo cancellation, and ambient aware outputs. FlexSound technology improves loudspeaker performance and prevents speaker damage.

All Audio Codecs 

Enhance Battery Life and Sound Quality for Hearables and Wearables with the MAX98090
3:23 April 26, 2018

Audio ADCs

Maxim's high-speed SAR ADCs sample up to 1.6 million samples per second, provide fully differential inputs, and offer a very high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and the best-in-class total harmonic distortion (THD) specification. These precision ADCs are perfect for use in professional and prosumer audio products and applications.

Audio ADCs
MAX9860: 16-Bit Mono Audio Voice Codec
MAX9867: Low-Power, Stereo Audio Codec
MAX98090: Ultra-Low Power Stereo Audio Codec
MAX98091: Ultra-Low Power Stereo Audio Codec
MAX98089: Audio Codec with FlexSound Processor

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