16-Bit Mono Audio Voice Codec

Ultra-Low Power, Mono Codec with Programmable Digital Filters

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The MAX9860 is a low-power, voiceband, mono audio codec designed to provide a complete audio solution for wireless voice headsets and other mono voice audio devices. Using an on-chip bridge-tied load mono headphone amplifier, the MAX9860 can output 30mW into a 32Ω earpiece while operating from a single 1.8V power supply. Very low power consumption makes it an ideal choice for battery-powered applications.

The MAX9860's flexible clocking circuitry utilizes common system clock frequencies ranging from 10MHz to 60MHz, eliminating the need for an external PLL and multiple crystal oscillators. Both the ADC and DAC support sample rates of 8kHz to 48kHz in either synchronous or asynchronous operation. Both master and slave timing modes are supported.

Two differential microphone inputs are available with a user-programmable preamplifier and programmable gain amplifier. Automatic gain control with selectable attack/release times and signal threshold allows maximum dynamic range. A noise gate with selectable threshold provides a means to quiet the channel when no signal is present. Both the DAC and ADC digital filters provide full attenuation for out-of-band signals as well as a 5th order GSM-compliant digital highpass filter. A digital side tone mixer provides loopback of the microphones/ADC signal to the DAC/headphone output.

Serial DAC and ADC data is transferred over a flexible digital I²S-compatible interface that also supports TDM mode. Mode settings, volume control, and shutdown are programmed through a 2-wire, I²C-compatible interface.

The MAX9860 is fully specified over the -40°C to +85°C extended temperature range and is available in a low-profile, 4mm x 4mm, 24-pin thin QFN package.

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Key Features

  • 1.8V Single-Supply Operation
  • Digital Highpass Elliptical Filters with Notch for 217Hz (GSM)
  • Mono 30mW BTL Headphone Amplifier
  • Dual Low-Noise Microphone Inputs
  • Automatic Microphone Gain Control and Noise Gate
  • 90dB DAC DR (fS = 48kHz)
  • 81dB ADC DR (fS = 48kHz)
  • Supports Master Clock Frequencies from 10MHz to 60MHz
  • Supports Sample Rates from 8kHz to 48kHz
  • Flexible Digital Audio Interface
  • Clickless/Popless Operation
  • 2-Wire, I²C-Compatible Control Interface
  • Available in 24-Pin, Thin QFN, 4mm x 4mm x 0.8mm Package


  • Audio Accessories
  • Audio Headsets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Portable Navigation Device
  • Smart Phones
  • VoIP Phones

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Part NumberFunctionsVSUPPLY
Bit DepthSample Rate
Bit DepthSample Rate
MAX9860 Audio CODEC
1.7 (Analog)
1.7 (Digital)
1.92.51 (Playback)2183168 to 4890168 to 480.5
Audio - I2S
Serial - I2C
$1.00 @1k

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MAX9860EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX9860
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