11.7W Digital Input Class DG Amplifier with I/V Sense and Ultra-Low Quiescent Power

Filterless, Wide-Supply Amplifier with Ultra-Low Noise

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The MAX98395 is a 11.7W high-efficiency, mono Class-DG speaker amplifier with industry leading quiescent power and a wide supply range that can even support single cell Li+ batteries or an external boost. MAX98395 also features current and voltage sense (I/V sense) and dynamic headroom tracking (DHT). Precision output current and voltage monitoring (I/V sense) enables speaker protection algorithms to be run by a host device. Spread spectrum modulation (SSM) and edge rate control minimize EMI and eliminate the need for the output filtering found in traditional Class-D devices.

To achieve industry-leading quiescent power, the Class-DG amplifier employs two supply rails, VBAT and PVDD, to supply the speaker amplifier. Additionally, as the power-supply voltage varies due to sudden transients and declining battery life, DHT automatically optimizes the headroom available to the Class-DG amplifier to maintain consistent distortion and listening levels. The DHT block provides both a dynamic range compressor (DRC) and a limiter that can operate as either a signal distortion limiter (SDL) or standard signal level limiter (SLL).

The device provides a PCM interface for audio data and a standard I2C interface for control data communication. The PCM interface supports audio playback using I2S, left-justified, and TDM audio data formats. In TDM mode, the device can support up to 16 channels of audio data. A unique clocking structure eliminates the need for an external master clock for PCM communication, which reduces pin count and simplifies board layout.

Thermal-foldback protection ensures robust behavior when the thermal limits of the device are reached. When enabled, it automatically reduces the output power when the temperature exceeds a user-specified threshold. This allows for uninterrupted music playback even at high ambient temperatures. Traditional thermal protection is also available in addition to robust over-current protection.

The device is available in a 0.4mm pitch, 28-bump wafer-level package (WLP). The device operates over the extended -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

Key Features

  • Wide Input Supply Range (3.0V to 14V)
  • Class-DG Operation Enables Industry Leading Quiescent Power
    • 16mW at VPVDD = 3.8V
    • 15mW at VPVDD = 12V
  • Ultra-Low Noise Floor
    • 11µVRMS Output Noise
    • 116dB Dynamic Range
  • Low Distortion
    • -83dB THD+N at 2W into 8Ω, f = 1kHz and 3kHz
    • -77dB THD+N at 2W into 8Ω, f = 6kHz
  • Output Power at 1% THD+N:
    • 7.7W into 8Ω, VPVDD = 12V
    • 11.7W into 4Ω, VPVDD = 12V
  • Speaker Amplifier Efficiency:
    • 88% at 5W into 8Ω, VPVDD = 12V
  • Class-D EMI Reduction Enables Filterless Operation
    • Spread-Spectrum Modulation
    • Switching Edge Rate Control
  • Integrated Speaker Current and Voltage Sense Requires no External Components
  • I2S/16-Channel TDM and I2C Digital Interfaces
  • Playback and IV Paths Support Sample Rates up to 96kHz
  • Dynamic Headroom Tracking (DHT) Maintains a Consistent Listening Experience
  • Extensive Click-and-Pop Suppression
  • 28-Bump WLP (1.62mm x 2.88mm x 0.5mm, 0.4mm Pitch)


  • Mobile Speakers
  • Notebook Computers
  • Smart IoT
  • Smart Speakers
  • Soundbars
  • Tablets

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11.7W Digital Input Class DG Amplifier with I/V Sense and Ultra-Low Quiescent Power

  • Wide Input Supply Range (3.0V to 14V)
  • Class-DG Operation Enables Industry Leading Quiescent Power
  • Ultra-Low Noise Floor