2.8W, Low-EMI, Stereo, Filterless Class D Audio Amplifier

High-Efficiency Audio Amplifier Provides 2.8W of Power into a 4Ω Speaker

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The MAX9715 high-efficiency, stereo, Class D audio power amplifier provides up to 2.8W per channel into a 4Ω speaker with a 5V supply. Maxim's second-generation Class D technology features robust output protection, high efficiency, and high power-supply rejection (PSRR) while eliminating the need for output filters. Selectable gain settings, +10.5dB or +9.0dB, adjust the amplifier gain to suit the audio input level and speaker load.

The MAX9715 features high PSRR (71dB at 1kHz), allowing for operation from noisy supplies without additional regulation. Comprehensive click-and-pop suppression eliminates audible clicks and pops at startup and shutdown. The MAX9715 operates from a single 5V supply and consumes only 12mA of supply current. Integrated shutdown control reduces supply current to less than 100nA.

The MAX9715 is fully specified over the extended -40°C to +85°C temperature range and is available in thermally enhanced 16-pin TQFN-EP package.
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Key Features

  • 5V Single-Supply Operation
  • Spread-Spectrum Modulator Reduces EMI
  • 2.8W, Class D, Stereo Speaker Amplifier (4Ω)
  • Filterless Class D Requires No LC Output Filter
  • High PSRR (71dB at 1kHz)
  • 86% Efficiency (RL = 8Ω, POUT = 1W)
  • Low-Power Shutdown Mode
  • Integrated Click-and-Pop Suppression
  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.06% at 1kHz
  • Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection
  • Internal Gain, +9.0dB or +10.5dB
  • Available in Space-Saving Packages
    • 16-Pin Thin QFN-EP (5mm x 5mm x 0.8mm)


  • High-End Notebook Audio
  • LCD Projectors
  • Multimedia Docking Stations
  • Portable Audio
Part NumberClassSpkr. Amp. VCC
Spkr. Amp. VCC
Spkr. Amp. ICC
POUT into 4Ω @ 1% THD+N
POUT into 4Ω @ 10% THD+N
POUT into 8Ω @ 1% THD+N
POUT into 8Ω @ 10% THD+N
Spkr. Amp. Half Pwr. THD+N
minmaxtypminminminminA- WeightedminSee Notes
MAX9715 D4.55.512.
$1.06 @1k
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MAX9715EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX9715

Technical Documents

App Note 4469 Bipolar Stepper-Motor Driver has Few Components
App Note 3977 Class D Amplifiers: Fundamentals of Operation and Recent Developments

Quality and Environmental Data

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