Our innovative audio Integrated Circuits offer high-efficiency without compromising on audio performance. They offer best-in-class THD, PSRR, and power savings, while eliminating potential issues with EMI, RF interference, and audio artifacts such as clicks and pops. 

Our high-quality speaker amplifier ICs can help to simplify your systems designs by saving space, extending battery life and reducing cost. Our innovative packaging technology allows us to provide the smallest Class AB and Class D amplifiers available. Our IV sense boosted Class D speaker amplifiers employ our patented Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) technology, to provide you with up to 2x loudness improvement when compared to standard Class D amps.

Our audio subsystems combine jack detection and multiple audio functions in highly integrated ICs that are tailored to address specific applications and market segments including mobile communications and Notebook PC subsystems

We also provide specialty audio devices to solve some of the most difficult audio design challenges including pop issues, routing/switching and low-noise.

Our headphone amplifier ICs use DirectDrive® technology to improve on conventional single-supply headphone amplifiers, enhancing audio quality while reducing overall solution size.

Our high-performance, low-power stereo audio codec ICs are designed for portable consumer applications such as smartphones, tablets, portable gaming systems, and portable media devices.


11.7W Digital Input Class DG Amplifier with I/V Sense and Ultra-Low Quiescent Power

  • Wide Input Supply Range (3.0V to 14V)
  • Class-DG Operation Enables Industry Leading Quiescent Power
  • Ultra-Low Noise Floor