Beyond-the-Rails Analog Switches and Multiplexers

Maxim's Beyond-the-Rails switches and multiplexers integrate bias circuitry to enable switching high-voltage (±25V) signals while operating from a low-voltage (3.0V to 5.5V) single supply. Our family of Beyond-the-Rails products feature low RON, flat RON, low leakage, and fast bandwidth speeds.

Beyond the rails

Common Applications for Beyond-the-Rails Switches and Multiplexers

A switch or multiplexer that can operate beyond the rails can save costs and simplify the design of products that switch relatively high-voltage analog and digital signals by eliminating the need for high-voltage positive and negative power rails. Only a standard 3.3V or 5V power supply is required. These products are ideal for applications such as audio and data multiplexing, interface termination, switching, photoMOS switch replacement, industrial measurement, and instrumentation systems.

Low-Voltage Beyond-the-Rails Switches and Multiplexers 
Mid-Voltage Beyond-the-Rails Switches and Multiplexers