VGA Port Protector

Integrates Both Level-Translating Buffers and ESD Port Protection for the R, G, and B Terminals

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The MAX4895E integrates level-translating buffers and features R, G, B port protection for VGA signals.

The MAX4895E has H, V (horizontal, vertical) translating buffers that take low-level CMOS inputs from the graphics outputs to meet full +5.0V, TTL-compatible outputs. Each output can drive ±10mA and meet the VESA® specification. In addition, the device takes the +5.0V, direct digital control (DDC) signals and translates them to the lower level required by the graphics device. This level is set by the user by connecting VL to the graphics output supply. The R, G, B terminals protect the graphics output pins against electrostatic discharge (ESD) events. All seven outputs have high-level ESD protection.

The MAX4895E is specified over the extended -40°C to +85°C temperature range, and is available in a 16-pin, 3mm x 3mm TQFN package.
MAX4895E: Typical Operating Circuit MAX4895E: Typical Operating Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • ESD Protection on H1, V1, SDA1, SCL1, R, G, and B
    • ±15kV—Human Body Model
    • ±8kV—IEC 61000-4-2, Contact Discharge
  • Low Quiescent Current, IQ ≤ 5µA (max)
  • Low 3pF (max) Capacitance (R, G, B Ports)
  • DDC Level-Shifting Protection and Isolation
  • Horizontal Sync, Vertical Sync Level Shifting/Buffering
  • Input Compatible with VL
  • Output Full +5.0V TTL Compatible (per VESA)
  • ±10mA Drive on Each H, V Terminal
  • Space-Saving, Lead-Free, 16-Pin (3mm x 3mm) TQFN Package


  • Desktops
  • Graphics Cards
  • Notebook Computers
  • Servers
Product Reliability Reports: MAX4895E.pdf 
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Note : The failure rates are summarized by technology and mapped to the associated material part numbers. The failure rates are highly dependent on the number of units tested.

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