Precision and low-noise op amps are often used to condition the signal coming from a sensor (e.g., temperature, pressure, light) before it enters an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). In such a role, two particular op amp specifications are crucial for good system resolution: the input offset voltage and the input voltage noise. Maxim offers op amps with some of the best input offset voltage and input voltage noise specifications in the industry.

Select a precision/low noise op amp for your analog-to-digital application:
18 bits or more 
16 bits 
14 bits or less 

Autozero Technology

Maxim's autozero technology achieves high precision over time and temperature and eliminates low-frequency noise. The latest families of amplifiers that feature autozero technology work at much higher switching frequencies, making it easier to filter out noise while offering a wider, usable signal bandwidth.
All Autozero Technology Op Amps 

All Precision and Low-Noise Op Amps 

Learn how to select a signal chain for temperature and pressure sensor designs.

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Technical Documentation

Technical Documents

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MAXREFDES179# Reference Design Board

The MAXREFDES179 reference design is a complete Universal Serial Bus (USB) type-C PD solution fe...

MAXREFDES1255: 4-Switch Buck-Boost Converter

MAXREFDES1255 is a 4-switch buck boost converter used to generate a positive step-up/stepdown ou...

MAXREFDES1252: Miniature, 14.5V/1.2A, No-Opto Flyback DC-DC Converter with 91.7% Efficiency Using MAX17690

The MAXREFDES1238 is a single-input, 6 output, scalable power solution. It meets the Xilinx Vers...

MAXREFDES1120: 3.3V/4A Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter Using MAX15038

The MAXREFDES1120 is a synchronous step-down DC-DC converter using the MAX15038. The converter d...

MAXREFDES1249: Miniature Universal Input 36W AC-DC Flyback Converter using the MAX17595

The MAXREFDES1249 is a Universal Input (86 to 305VAC) Offline isolated power supply, delivers 36...

MAXREFDES1244: Miniature, 5V/1.2A, No-Opto Flyback DC-DC Converter with 88% Efficiency Using MAX17690

The MAXREFDES1244 illustrates technique using the No Opto Flyback converter to generate isolated...

MAXREFDES1251: Single Output Flyback Converter Using MAX17596

MAXREFDES1251 is based on MAX17596 flyback converter. The MAX17596 is a peak-current-mode contro...

MAXREFDES1261: Asset Tracker Power Management Platform

The MAXREFDES01261 is a reference design of power management platform for asset tracker.

MAXREFDES104#: Health Sensor Platform 3.0

HSP3 is a unique evaluation and development platform in a wearable form factor that demos the fu...

MAXREFDES_LIDAR1#: Quad-Channel LiDAR Receiver Front-End Reference Design, MAX40662, MAX40026

This is a front end LiDAR reference design featuring a 4-channel APD, 4-channel high bandwidth T...

MAXREFDES1269: 5V/20A, Synchronous Step-Down Converter Using the MAX20098

The MAXREFDES1269 demonstrates how to build a DC-DC buck converter using the MAX20098 step-down ...

MAXREFDES220#: Finger Heart Rate and Pulse Oximeter Smart Sensor with Digital Signal Processing

Integrated solution for heart rate, pulse oximetry, blood oxygen saturation, and blood pressure ...

MAXREFDES1265: Simple Keypad Interface Using the MAX32625PICO and MAX7360

The MAXREFDES1265 is a reference design showcasing the MAX7360 and MAX32625PICO that demonstrate...

MAXREFDES177# IO-Link Universal Analog IO

The MAXREFDES177# IO-Link®-compliant, universal analog IO reference design uses the MAX22515 IO-...

MAXREFDES1256: 49W DC-DC Flyback Converter Using MAX17597

The MAXREFDES1256 is an isolated power supply capable of delivering 7V at up to 7A load current.