Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)

As a leading supplier of operational amplifiers, Maxim offers a wide selection of cutting-edge products.

All Op Amps 

Precision and Low-Noise Op Amps

Maxim's precision and low-noise op amps produce low input offset voltage, low offset drift over temperature, and low input-referred voltage noise.
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High-Voltage Op Amps

High-voltage op amps are capable of operating with a supply voltage of 10V or higher. Maxim's op amps have operating voltages up to ±19V in dual-supply applications or 38V in single-supply operation.
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Low-Power and Space-Saving Op Amps

These amplifiers boast low quiescent current and are available in small packages such as WLP, DFN, and SC70.
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Op Amps with CMOS Inputs

Our amplifiers with CMOS inputs exhibit low input bias current—even at high temperatures—and produce low input current noise.
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