Current-Sense Amplifiers

Current-sense amplifiers (CSAs) monitor current flow through a shunt (sense) resistor and provide closed-loop feedback of system loads. Current-sense amps are optimized for a wide range of applications, including overcurrent protection and optimization of power monitoring systems. We offer a wide range of current-sense amplifiers for both high-side sensing and low-side sensing, as well as unidirectional or bidirectional current flow through the sense resistor.

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Precision Current-Sense Amplifiers

Our broad portfolio of precision current-sense amplifiers help you measure multiple decades of current. Decrease your sense resistor impedance and improve system efficiency with our low offset current-sense amplifiers. Achieve faster signal processing and acquisition time for improved AC performance with our wideband current-sense amplifiers.

Precision CSAs 

High Voltage Current-Sense Amplifiers

Our high-side, high voltage current-sense amplifiers offer input ranges up to +76V and down to -20V. These high voltage CSAs are ideal for applications such as motor control, electrical instrumentation, automatic test equipment (ATE), automotive electronic control units, communications base stations, network routers, and servers.

High-Voltage CSAs 

Low-Power and Space-Saving Current-Sense Amplifiers

Our broad portfolio of nanoPower and Micropower current-sense amplifiers help maximize and extend system and battery life without compromising DC accuracy. These tiny CSAs are available in a variety of space-saving, small footprint packages, such as SC70, SOT23, and wafer level packages (WLP).

Low-Power and Space-Saving CSAs 

Current-Sense Amp Featured Products

Evaluation Kit for the MAX44298


Assesses the MAX44298 precision power monitor with very low offset for low-side monitoring.

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Dual-Channel Current Sense Peripheral Module


Interfaces the MAX44285 dual-channel high-side current-sense amplifier to any system that utilizes Pmod™-compatible expansion ports.

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Evaluation Kit for the MAX44284


Demonstrates the high-precision real-time current monitoring of the MAX44284 current-sense amplifier.

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