Current-sense amplifiers (CSAs) monitor current flow through a shunt (sense) resistor and provide closed-loop feedback of system loads. Current-sense amps are optimized for a wide range of applications, including overcurrent protection and optimization of power monitoring systems. We offer a wide range of current-sense amplifiers for both high-side sensing and low-side sensing, as well as unidirectional or bidirectional current flow through the sense resistor.

All Current Sense Amplifiers

Current-sense amplifiers from Maxim feature enhanced input offset voltage specifications. Select from precision, high-voltage, low-power, and space saving amps.

Precision Current Sense Amplifiers

Our broad portfolio of precision current-sense amplifiers help you measure multiple decades of current. Decrease your sense resistor impedance and improve system efficiency with our low offset current...

High Voltage Current Sense Amplifiers

Our high-side, high voltage current-sense amplifiers offer input ranges up to +76V and down to -20V. These high voltage CSAs are ideal for applications such as motor control, electrical instrumentatio...

Low Power Current Sense Amplifiers

Our broad portfolio of nanoPower and Micropower current-sense amplifiers help maximize and extend system and battery life without compromising DC accuracy. These tiny CSAs are available in a variety o...

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Technical Documentation

Technical Documents

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Monitor System Loads with Current-Sense Amps
4:26 August 24, 2017

DC Motor Current Sensing in a PWM Environment with the MAX40056 Current-Sense Amplifier
10:59 February 14, 2019

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System Loads Are No Match for This Current-Sense Amplifier

July 03, 2019

Learn how the MAX40056 current-sense amplifier with PWM rejection generates quick, accurate winding current measurements.

MAX9611 High-Side, Current-Sense Amplifiers with 12-Bit ADC and Op Amp/Comparator

The MAX9611/MAX9612 are high-side current-sense amplifiers with an integrated 12-bit ADC and a g...
  • 0V to +60V Input Common-Mode Voltage Range
  • 2.7V to 5.5V Power-Supply Range, Compatible with 1.8V and 3.3V Logic
  • 5µA Software Shutdown Current
  • Integrated 12-Bit ADC
  • 13µV Current-Sense ADC Resolution
  • 500µV (max) Current-Sense ADC Input Offset Voltage
  • 0.5% (max) Current-Sense ADC Gain Error
  • I²C Bus with 16 Addresses
  • Small, 3mm x 5mm 10-Pin µMAX Package
  • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range

MAX40056F Bidirectional Current Sense Amplifier with PWM-Rejection

The MAX40056 is a bidirectional current-sense amplifier with an input common-mode range that ext...
  • AEC-Q100
  • Fast, 500ns PWM Edge recovery from 500V/µs PWM Edges
  • 60dB AC CMRR Rejection at 50V, ±500V/µs PWM Edges
  • 140dB DC CMRR Rejection
  • -0.1V to +65V Input Voltage Range
  • -5V to +70V Protective Immunity
  • 300kHz, -3dB Bandwidth
  • Multiple Gain Options; 10V/V, 20V/V, 50V/V
  • Internal, 1% Reference for Bidirectional Offset
  • 5µV (Typ) Input Offset Voltage
  • Rail-to-Rail Output
  • 2.02mm x 1.4mm, 8-bump WLP and 8-pin µMAX
  • -40°C to +125°C Temperature Range

MAX40016 4-Decade Current Sense Amplifier with Integrated Current Sense Element

The MAX40016 is a very wide range current sense amplifier (CSA) with internal sense element that...
  • Integrated Current Sense Element Saves The Space and Cost of Expensive Precision Sense Resistors
  • 4-Decade Measurement Range
    • Maintains Accuracy from < 300µA to > 3A
  • Withstands Overloads to 4A
  • Low Voltage Drop Across Sense Element
    • 60mV (Active Mode, 3A Load, WLP Package)
    • 35mV (Low Power Mode, 3A Load, WLP Package)
  • Three Multiplexed Scaling Resistor Outputs Allow Full Dynamic Range while Interfaced to 12-bit ADCs
  • +2.5V to +5.5V Input Supply Voltage Range
  • Low Power Mode Reduces Supply Current to 10μA Max
  • Space-Saving
    • Tiny 1.98mm x 1.3mm, 15-Bump, WLP
    • 4mm x 4mm 16-Pin TQFN
  • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range

MAX34417 SMBus Four-Channel Very Wide Dynamic Range Power Accumulator

The MAX34417 is a specialized current and voltage monitor used to determine power consumption of...
  • Enables Code Optimization to Minimize Power Consumption in Portable Platforms
    • Four Power Monitors with Wide 86dB Dynamic Range
    • Measures Both Current and Voltage
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Reduced Power Consumption in Slow Accumulation Mode
    • Power-Down Mode
  • Minimizes Processor Overhead with Autonomous Operation
    • Per Channel 56-Bit Power Accumulators Capture 4.55 Hours of Data at 1024 Samples per Second
    • Per Channel 14-Bit Voltage Registers
  • High-Integration Solution Minimizes Parts Count, PCB Space, and BOM Cost
    • Wide Current Common-Mode Range of 0.5V to 20V
    • Low Full-Scale, Current-Sense Voltage of 100mV
    • As low as 5μV Current-Sense Voltage
    • I2C/SMBus Interface with Bus Timeout
    • Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
    • Small, 2mm x 2mm Footprint Wafer-Level Package (WLP) with 16 Bumps at 0.4mm Pitch
  • Ease of Development
    • Evaluation Kit with Advanced GUI Available

MAX44285 Dual-Channel, High-Precision, High-Voltage, Current-Sense Amplifier

The MAX44285 dual-channel high-side current-sense amplifier has precision accuracy specification...
  • 2.7V to 76V Input Common Mode
  • Low 12µV (max) Input Offset Voltage
  • Low 0.1% (max) Gain Error
  • Gain Options
    • G = 12.5V/V (MAX44285L)
    • G = 20V/V (MAX44285T)
    • G = 50V/V (MAX44285F)
    • G = 100V/V (MAX44285H)
  • 1mm x 2mm 8-Bump WLP and 8-Pin µMAX Packages

MAX4080 76V, High-Side, Current-Sense Amplifiers with Voltage Output

The MAX4080/MAX4081 are high-side, current-sense amplifiers with an input voltage range that ext...
  • Ideal for High-Voltage Current Monitoring Applications
    • Wide 4.5V to 76V Input Common-Mode Range
    • Independent Operating Supply Voltage
  • High Accuracy and Low Quiescent Current Support Precision Application Requirements
    • ±0.1% Full-Scale Accuracy
    • Low 100µV Input Offset Voltage
    • Three Gain Versions Available
      • 5V/V (MAX4080F/MAX4081F)
      • 20V/V (MAX4080T/MAX4081T)
      • 60V/V (MAX4080S/MAX4081S)
    • 75µA Supply Current (MAX4080)
  • Flexible Current Sensing Supports Monitoring of Charge and Discharge of Batteries
    • Bidirectional (MAX4081) or Unidirectional(MAX4080) ISENSE
    • Reference Input for Bidirectional OUT (MAX4081)
  • Minimizes Required Board Space
    • 8-Pin µMAX Package