Dual, Low-Power, 500Mbps ATE Driver/Comparator with 35mA Load

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The MAX9967 dual, low-power, high-speed, pin electronics driver/comparator/load (DCL) IC includes, for each channel, a three-level pin driver, a dual comparator, variable clamps, and an active load. The driver features a wide voltage range and high-speed operation, includes high-impedance and active-termination (3rd-level drive) modes, and is highly linear even at low-voltage swings. The dual comparator provides low dispersion (timing variation) over a wide variety of input conditions. The clamps provide damping of high-speed device-undertest (DUT) waveforms when the device is configured as a high-impedance receiver. The programmable load supplies up to 35mA of source and sink current. The load facilitates contact/continuity testing, at-speed parametric testing of IOH and IOL, and pullup of high-output-impedance devices.

The MAX9967A provides tight matching of gain and offset for the drivers, and offset for the comparators and active load, allowing reference levels to be shared across multiple channels in cost-sensitive systems. Use the MAX9967B for system designs that incorporate independent reference levels for each channel.

The MAX9967 provides high-speed, differential control inputs with optional internal termination resistors that are compatible with ECL, LVPECL, LVDS, and GTL. ECL/LVPECL or flexible open-collector outputs with optional internal pullup resistors are available for the comparators. These features significantly reduce the discrete component count on the circuit board.

A 3-wire, low-voltage, CMOS-compatible serial interface programs the low-leakage, slew-rate limit, and tristate/ terminate operational configurations of the MAX9967.

The MAX9967's operating range is -1.5V to +6.5V with power dissipation of only 1.15W per channel. The device is available in a 100-pin, 14mm x 14mm body, and 0.5mm pitch TQFP. An exposed 8mm x 8mm die pad on the top of the package facilitates efficient heat removal. The device is specified to operate with an internal die temperature of +70°C to +100°C, and features a die temperature monitor output.

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Key Features

  • Low Power Dissipation: 1.15W/Channel (typ)
  • High Speed: 500Mbps at 3VP-P
  • Programmable 35mA Active-Load Current
  • Low Timing Dispersion
  • Wide -1.5V to +6.5V Operating Range
  • Active Termination (3rd-Level Drive)
  • Low Leakage Mode: 60nA
  • Integrated Clamps
  • Interfaces Easily with Most Logic Families
  • Integrated PMU Connection
  • Digitally Programmable Slew Rate
  • Internal Termination Resistors
  • Low Gain and Offset Error
  • Applications/Uses

    • Commodity Memory ATE
    • Low-Cost Mixed-Signal/System-on-Chip ATE
    • PCI or VXI Programmable Digital Instruments
    Part NumberDrvr./ Comp./ LoadChannelsPDISS
    Drive Lvls.ROUT
    Drvr. tRISE (3Vp-p)
    Comp. PW
    Comp. Dispersions
    Load TypeLoadProg. Drvr. Slew RateComp. Config.ClampsInteg. PMU I/FPackage/PinsBudgetary
    per chan.minmaxminmaxSee Notes
    MAX9967 D/C/L21.15-1.56.53501.30.7220Active35YesWindowYesYes
    $58.58 @1k
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