Ultra-High-Speed, Low-Distortion, Differential-to-Single-Ended Line Receivers with Enable

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The MAX4444/MAX4445 differential line receivers offer unparalleled high-speed, low-distortion performance. Using a three op amp instrumentation amplifier architecture, these ICs have symmetrical differential inputs and a single-ended output. They operate from ±5V supplies and are capable of driving a 100Ω load to ±3.7V. The MAX4444 has an internally set closed-loop gain of +2V/V, while the MAX4445 is compensated for gains of +2V/V or greater, set by an external resistor. A low-power enable mode reduces current consumption to 3.5mA.

Using current-feedback techniques, the MAX4444/MAX4445 achieve a 550MHz bandwidth while maintaining up to a 5000V/µs slew rate. Excellent differential gain/phase and noise specifications make these amplifiers ideal for a wide variety of video and RF signal-processing applications. An evaluation kit is available to speed design.
MAX4444, MAX4445: Typical Operating Circuit MAX4444, MAX4445: Typical Operating Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • 5000V/µs Slew Rate (MAX4444)
  • +2V/V Internally Fixed Gain (MAX4444)
  • External Gain Selection (MAX4445, AVCL ≥ +2V/V)
  • 550MHz -3dB Bandwidth
  • -60dB SFDR at 5MHz
  • Low Differential Gain/Phase: 0.07%/0.05°
  • Low Noise: 25nV/ at fIN = 100kHz
  • Low-Power Disable Mode Reduces Quiescent Current to 3.5mA


  • Data Acquisition
  • Differential to Single-Ended Conversion
  • High-Speed Differential Line Receiver
  • High-Speed Instrumentation Amplifier
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Twisted-Pair to Coaxial Converter
Part NumberFunctionsBW
Slew Rate
Diff. Phase/ Gain
Package/PinsOper. Temp.
@ -3dBtypmin0.1dB minSee Notes
MAX4444 Receiver550
SOIC (N)/16
-40 to +85$2.79 @1k
MAX4445 3800
SOIC (N)/16
See All Video/Wideband Line Drivers/Receivers (6)
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MAX4444EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX4444 and MAX4445

Technical Documents

User Guide 3910 User's Guide for the MAX2769 GPS Receiver

Quality and Environmental Data

Request Reliability Report for: MAX4444 
Lead-Free Package Tin (Sn) Whisker Reports

Tools & Models

  • MAX4444 PSPICE Macromodel
  • CAD Symbols and Footprints

  • MAX4444ESE+
  • MAX4444ESE+T
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