180MHz, Low-Noise, Low-Distortion, Fully Differential Op Amp/ADC Driver

Industry's Best Combination of Low Power, Low Noise, THD, and Gain Bandwidth

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The MAX44206 is a low-noise, low-distortion fully differential operational amplifier suitable for driving high-speed, high-resolution, 20-/18-/16-bit SAR ADCs, including the MAX11905 ADC family. Featuring a combination of wide 2.7V to 13.2V supply voltage range and wide 400MHz bandwidth, the MAX44206 is suitable for low-power, high-performance data acquisition systems.

The MAX44206 offers a VOCM input to adjust the output common-mode voltage, eliminating the need for a coupling transformer or AC-coupling capacitors. This adjustable output common-mode voltage allows the MAX44206 to match the input common-mode voltage range of the ADC following it. Shutdown mode consumes only 6.8µA and extends battery life in battery-powered applications or reduces average power in systems cycling between shutdown and periodic data readings.

The MAX44206 is available in an 8-pin µMAX® package and is specified for operation over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range.

MAX44206: Typical Application Circuit MAX44206: Typical Application Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Low Input Noise Drives Precision SAR ADCs
    • 3.1nV/ at 1kHz
    • 200nVP-P from 0.1Hz to 10Hz
  • High Speed for DC and AC Applications
    • Gain-Bandwidth Product 400MHz
    • -3dB Gain-Bandwidth Product 180MHz
    • Slew Rate 180V/µs
  • Ultra-Low Distortion Drives AC Inputs to 20-Bit SAR ADCs
    • HD2 = -141dB, HD3 = -152dB at fIN = 10kHz, VOUT,DIFF = 2VP-P
    • HD2 = -106dB, HD3 = -115dB at fIN = 1MHz, VOUT,DIFF = 2VP-P
  • Wide Supply Range (2.7V to 13.2V) Drives Unipolar or Bipolar (±6.6V) Signals
  • 3.7mA Quiescent Supply Current with Only 6.8µA Shutdown Current
  • 8-Pin µMAX Package Saves Board Space


  • Active Filters
  • Fully-Differential Signal Conditioning
  • High-Speed Process Control
  • Medical Imaging
  • Single-Ended to Differential Conversion

Tools & Models

  • MAX44206 Orcad Library
  • Product Reliability Reports: MAX44206.pdf 
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