We offer a wide selection of amplifiers and comparators for signal conditioning, monitoring, and control applications.

You can use Maxim’s op amps to make amplifiers, comparators, log amplifiers, filters, oscillators, data converters, level translators, references, and more. You can also use them to accomplish mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and integration.

Current-sense amplifiers (CSAs) monitor current flow through a shunt (sense) resistor and provide closed-loop feedback of system loads. Our current-sense amps are optimized for a wide range of applications, including overcurrent protection and optimization of power monitoring systems. We offer a wide range of current-sense amplifiers for both high-side sensing and low-side sensing, as well as unidirectional or bidirectional current flow through the sense resistor

Our specialized amplifiers have multiple features suited for a wide range of applications. This range includes differential, instrumentation/difference, logarithmic, programmable gain, integrated comparator and reference and programmable voltage/current drivers.

Operational Amplifiers

Operational Amplifiers, more commonly called Op-Amps, play a key role in conditioning analog signals. There are many types of op-amps and many paramet...

Current Sense

Current-sense amplifiers (CSAs) monitor current flow through a shunt (sense) resistor and provide closed-loop feedback of system loads. Current-sense ...


Maxim provides amplifiers with specialized operation and multiple features suited for a wide range of applications, including differential output ampl...

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