Deliver More Infotainment

More pixels. More radios. And more possibilities. Whether you’re engineering a heads-up display or an entirely new in-dash experience, our integrated analog solutions will help you deliver more of what your customers want. As well as things they haven’t even imagined yet.

  • Highly integrated PMICs streamline power architectures
  • RF to Bits® tuners enable software-defined radios, increasing flexibility and offloading ECUs
  • GMSL SerDes technology delivers HD content over coax cables to reduce cost and EMI
  • USB solutions solve the many problems with integrating consumer devices into the automotive experience
  • Integrated solutions for audio, backlighting, timekeeping, and other functions free space for new features

Infotainment Power

Infotainment Power
New compact PoL solution eliminates the need for shielding.

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Automotive USB Charging

Automotive USB Charging
Quickly and reliably charge any portable device over USB with a single IC.

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