The DeepCover® Security Lab equips you with the information and tools you need to learn cryptographic terminology, understand the importance of security, and shows how you can use our secure authenticator products to secure your systems. For ease of use, this tool is logically divided into four sequential sections, each individually tabbed for ease of navigation.

Under the "Learning" tab you are provided with clear and concise explanations of important cryptographic concepts, including symmetric and asymmetric encryption. These are covered in a non-mathematical way and are accompanied by easy-to-follow illustrations, allowing you to grasp these concepts quickly and clearly.

Click on the "Lab" tab to discover the hardware and documentation you need to put your learning into practice. This section provides clear, step-by-step instructions to apply the theory you have learned using evaluation hardware that includes a selection of our secure authenticators. You will understand how to quickly get your application up and running using an authenticator.

The "Demos" section builds further on the lab activities, providing interactive real-world applications for the hardware, while under the "Tools" tab, you will find additional information to assist you with your system and software development.