SIMO Power Management ICs (PMICs)

PMICs based on the single-inductor, multiple-output (SIMO) architecture use a single inductor as the energy-storage element for multiple, independent DC outputs. The use of fewer inductors improves efficiency and shrinks power supply size as much as 50%. Low quiescent current contributes to the power savings, ultimately extending the battery life of your space-constrained designs. 

How to Get Longer Battery Life for Wearables with a SIMO Power Converter Architecture

Look at an example of how a SIMO buck-boost PMIC supports longer battery life for tiny form factors. The discussion includes a brief SIMO overview, design considerations, and a power comparison vs. a traditional architecture.

SIMO Technology Overview Using the MAX77650 PMIC

Learn how SIMO technology simplifies design of low-power systems such as the Smart Sock baby monitor. The SIMO power architecture supplies all the rails needed while maintaining high efficiency in a total solution size under 20mm2.