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World’s lowest-power medical microcontroller.

To be truly wearable, healthcare devices need to conserve power. And no medical microcontroller does it better than the heart of our new Wellness Platform, the MAX32600 (Wasp).

Wasp is specially designed to use less than 1.0µA in low-power mode, so heavy, bulky batteries won’t weigh your creations down.


A healthy dose of precision functionality.

With its unrivalled integration, Wasp’s analog front end can accurately measure skin and ambient temperature, heart rate, and many other medical parameters.

To date, our working proof-of-concept designs using Wasp include the Fit Two ECG Shirt, the Wellness Watch, a pulse oximeter patch, and a blood glucose meter, just for starters.


Simply secure, today and tomorrow.

Wasp safeguards data with its on-board trust protection unit including public key authentication, data encryption and tamper detection.

Yet it’s unusually easy to design in. And, if software is your specialty, its standard ARM® Cortex®-M3 core can be easily accessed with the usual tools.

See Wasp Fly

Watch the Maxim Wasp platform drive a healthy variety of wearables, from shirts to patches. These reference designs set a new bar for small size and low power consumption while monitoring temperature, heart rate, and oxygen saturation.

Wasp EV kits are now available.
The MAX32600 evaluation kit includes multiple power options, headers for access to I/O port pins and analog front-end devices, an 8-digit LCD display, USB and UART interfaces, a low-power Bluetooth transceiver and much more.

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