For years, the promise of programmable analog has been unfulfilled.

Overly complex ICs, suboptimal performance, and tortuous design tools—the many shortcomings of so-called programmable analog solutions have resulted in limited acceptance.

This time, it’s different. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what your colleagues are saying about PIXI™ technology:

“I have never seen [programmable analog] done any better, in my 42 years as an Analog Engineer, than the recent [PIXI] Devices.”

- Steve Taranovich, EDN

“This is a very handy little device that could easily become your FPGA's best friend.”

- Kevin Morris, Electronic Engineering Journal

“I am finishing a multi-use control board[…]I used the MAX11300 for the analog input because it allowed me lots of software range configuration.”

- R&D Engineer, Factory Automation Company

Discover PIXI Programmable Mixed-Signal I/O Technology

Pixi PMOD demo

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PIXI MAX11300 EV Kit

20 ports. 100s of possibilities.

The MAX11300 is our first programmable mixed-signal I/O device featuring PIXI technology. This flexible solution combines a 12-bit, multichannel ADC and a 12-bit, multichannel, buffered DAC—all in a single, programmable IC.

It gives you 20 configurable, high-voltage, bipolar ports, each of which can be an ADC analog input, a DAC analog output, a general-purpose input port, a general-purpose output port, or an analog switch terminal.

PIXI programmable mixed-signal I/O devices save you PCB real estate, let you instantly reconfigure and adapt your design, cut your system BOM cost, and speed your time to market.

The MAX11300 comes complete with free, easy-to-use design software featuring a drag-and-drop GUI. A simple click configures any of its 20 ports as an ADC, DAC, comparator, GPIO, or analog switch.

Don't let analog slow down your next design. Get started with PIXI technology today.

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