Products Sold to Silergy

Maxim Integrated Products has sold its energy metering business to Silergy Corporation (, an analog semiconductor supplier with operations in the U.S. and Asia. For sales, quotations, and ordering information, email

Quicklinks to Silergy Product Pages and Support Emails

71M6513H 71M6533 71M6541FT 71M6203 MAX71314L 78M6631
71M6511H 71M6532F 71M6541DT 71M6103 MAX71313L 78M6618
71M6515H 71M6532D 71M6541GT 71M6113 MAX71637 78M6613
71M6513 71M6531F 71M6543HT 71M6201 MAX71617 78M6612
71M6511 71M6531D 71M6543GHT 71M6601 MAX71336S 78M6610+PSU
  71M6533H 71M6543GT MAX71071 MAX71315S 78M6610+LMU
  71M6534H 71M6542GT   MAX71316S MAX78630+PPM
  71M6534 71M6543FT   MAX71335S MAX78615+PPM
    71M6542FT     MAX78615+LMU
    71M6545T     MAX78700
    71M6545HT     MAX71020A