6-Channel Integrated Video Reconstruction Filters

6-Channel Video Reconstruction Filter Replaces 30 Components to Save Space and Costs

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The MAX7440/MAX7441/MAX7442 six-channel video reconstruction filters replace 30 or more discrete components. The devices are ideal for digital-to-analog converter (DAC) video reconstruction applications, when analog video is reconstructed from a digital data stream. The MAX7440/MAX7441/MAX7442 operate from a single +5V power supply. The inputs are DC-coupled from the DAC and the output can either be AC- or DC-coupled. The DC-IN, DC-OUT architecture leads to a perfect line-time distortion performance (zero tilt). The filters have a cutoff frequency optimized for PAL, NTSC, and SDTV video applications and offer three high-frequency boost options. The MAX7440 offers a flat passband response on all six channels; the MAX7441/MAX7442 offer high-frequency boost on the three channels used for CVBS and Y/C.

The MAX7440/MAX7441/MAX7442 are available in a 14-pin SO package and are fully specified over the extended temperature range.

Key Features

  • Replace 30 or More Discrete Components
  • Ideal for CVBS, Y/C (S-Video), and RGB or Y Pb Pr Applications
  • 45dB Attenuation at 27MHz
  • -0.2dB Passband Response
  • Ideal for STBs with SCART Interface
  • +5V Single-Supply Voltage
  • Input Common-Mode Range Includes GND
  • DC-Coupled Input, DC/AC-Coupled Output
  • 14-Pin SO Package


  • DVDs
  • General Video Filtering
  • Hard-Disk Recorders
  • PVR
  • SCART Video Applications
  • STB
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Note : The failure rates are summarized by technology and mapped to the associated material part numbers. The failure rates are highly dependent on the number of units tested.

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