High-Voltage PWM Power-Supply Controller

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The MAX5003 high-voltage switching power-supply controller has all the features and building blocks needed for a cost-effective flyback and forward voltage-mode control converter. This device can be used to design both isolated and nonisolated power supplies with multiple output voltages that operate from a wide range of voltage sources. It includes a high-voltage internal start-up circuit that operates from a wide 11V to 110V input range. The MAX5003 drives an external N-channel power MOSFET and has a current-sense pin that detects overcurrent conditions and turns off the power switch when the current-limit threshold is exceeded. The choice of external power MOSFET and other external components determines output voltage and power.

The MAX5003 offers some distinctive advantages: soft-start, undervoltage lockout, external frequency synchronization, and fast input voltage feed-forward. The device is designed to operate at up to 300kHz switching frequency. This allows use of miniature magnetic components and low-profile capacitors. Undervoltage lockout, soft-start, switching frequency, maximum duty cycle, and overcurrent protection limit are all adjustable using a minimum number of external components. In systems with multiple controllers, the MAX5003 can be externally synchronized to operate from a common system clock.

Warning: The MAX5003 is designed to operate with high voltages. Exercise caution.

The MAX5003 is available in 16-pin SO and QSOP packages. An evaluation kit (MAX5003EVKIT) is also available.
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Key Features

  • Wide Input Range: 11V to 110V
  • Internal High-Voltage Startup Circuit
  • Externally Adjustable Settings
    • Output Switch Current Limit
    • Oscillator Frequency
    • Soft-Start
    • Undervoltage Lockout
    • Maximum Duty Cycle
  • Low External Component Count
  • External Frequency Synchronization
  • Primary or Secondary Regulation
  • Input Feed-Forward for Fast Line-Transient Response
  • Precision ±2.5% Reference over Rated Temperature Range
  • Thermal Shutdown


  • +42V Automobile Systems
  • High-Voltage Power Supply Modules
  • Industrial Power Supplies
  • ISDN Power Supplies
  • Telecommunication Power Supplies
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