330MHz, Gain of +1/Gain of +2 Closed-Loop Buffers

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The MAX4178/MAX4278 are ±5V, wide-bandwidth, fast-settling, closed-loop buffers featuring high slew rate, high precision, high output current, low noise, and low differential gain and phase errors. The MAX4178, with a -3dB bandwidth of 330MHz, is preset for unity voltage gain (0dB). The MAX4278 is preset for a voltage gain of +2 (6dB) and has a 310MHz -3dB bandwidth.

The MAX4178/MAX4278 feature the high slew rate and low power that are characteristic of current-mode feedback amplifiers. However, unlike conventional current-mode feedback amplifiers, these devices have a unique input stage that combines the benefits of current-feedback topology with those of the traditional voltage-feedback topology. This combination results in low input offset voltage and bias current, low noise, and high gain precision and power-supply rejection.

The MAX4178/MAX4278 are ideally suited for driving 50Ω or 75Ω> loads. They are the perfect choice for high-speed cable-driving applications, such as video routing. The MAX4178/MAX4278 are available in DIP, SO, space-saving µMAX®, and SOT23 packages.
MAX4178, MAX4278: Typical Operating Circuit MAX4178, MAX4278: Typical Operating Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • High Speed
    • 330MHz -3dB Bandwidth (MAX4178)
    • 310MHz -3dB Bandwidth (MAX4278)
    • 250MHz Full-Power Bandwidth (VOUT = 2VP-P)
    • 150MHz 0.1dB Flatness Bandwidth
    • 1300V/µs Slew Rate (MAX4178)
    • 1600V/µs Slew Rate (MAX4278)
  • Low Differential Phase/Gain Error: 0.01°/0.04%
  • 8mA Supply Current
  • 1µA Input Bias Current
  • 0.5mV Input Offset Voltage
  • 5nV per √Hz Input-Referred Voltage Noise
  • 2pA√Hz Input-Referred Current Noise
  • 1.0% Max Gain Error with 100Ω Load
  • Short-Circuit Protected
  • 8000V ESD Protection
  • Available in Space-Saving SOT23 Package


  • Broadcast and High-Definition TV Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • High-Speed Cable Drivers
  • Medical Imaging
  • Precision High-Speed DAC/ADC Buffers
  • Video Routing and Switching Systems
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