8-Bit, 750Msps Flash ADC

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The MAX1151 is a parallel flash analog-to-digital converter (ADC) capable of digitizing full-scale (0V to -2V) inputs into 8-bit digital words at an update rate of 750Msps. The ECL-compatible outputs are demuxed into two separate output banks, each with differential data-ready outputs to ease the task of data capture. The MAX1151's wide input bandwidth and low capacitance eliminate the need for external track/hold amplifiers for most applications. A proprietary decoding scheme reduces metastable errors to 1LSB. This device operates from a single -5.2V supply, with a nominal power dissipation of 5.5W.
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Key Features

  • 1:2 Demuxed ECL-Compatible Outputs
  • Wide Input Bandwidth: 900MHz
  • Low Input Capacitance: 15pF
  • Metastable Errors Reduced to 1LSB
  • Single -5.2V Supply


  • Data Acquisition
  • Digital Oscilloscopes
  • Direct RF Downconversion
  • Radar, EW, ECM
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