High-Precision Li+ Battery Monitor

Battery Monitor is First High-Performance Fuel Gauge to Integrate Li-Ion Protection Circuit and Current-Sense Resistor

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The DS2760 High-Precision Li+ Battery Monitor is a data acquisition, information storage, and safety protection device tailored for cost-sensitive battery pack applications. This low-power device integrates precise temperature, voltage, and current measurement, nonvolatile data storage, and Li+ protection into the small footprint of either a TSSOP package or flip chip. The DS2760 is a key component in applications including remaining capacity estimation, safety monitoring, and battery-specific data storage.

Via its 1-Wire® interface, the DS2760 gives the host system read/write access to status and control registers, instrumentation registers, and general purpose data storage. Each device has a unique factory-programmed 64-bit net address which allows it to be individually addressed by the host system, supporting multi-battery operation.

The DS2760 is capable of performing temperature, voltage and current measurement to a resolution sufficient to support process monitoring applications such as battery charge control, remaining capacity estimation, and safety monitoring. Temperature is measured using an on-chip sensor, eliminating the need for a separate thermistor. Bidirectional current measurement and accumulation are accomplished using either an internal 25mΩ sense resistor or an external device. The DS2760 also features a programmable I/O pin that allows the host system to sense and control other electronics in the pack, including switches, vibration motors, speakers and LEDs.

Three types of memory are provided on the DS2760 for battery information storage: EEPROM, lockable EEPROM and SRAM. EEPROM memory saves important battery data in true nonvolatile memory that is unaffected by severe battery depletion, accidental shorts or ESD events. Lockable EEPROM becomes ROM when locked to provide additional security for unchanging battery data. SRAM provides inexpensive storage for temporary data.

Key Features

  • Li+ safety circuit
    • Overvoltage protection
    • Overcurrent/short circuit protection
    • Undervoltage protection
  • Zero Volt Battery Recovery Charge
  • Available in two configurations:
    • Internal 25mΩ sense resistor
    • External user-selectable sense resistor
  • Current measurement
    • 12-bit bidirectional measurement
    • Internal sense resistor configuration:0.625mA LSB and ±1.9A dynamic range
    • External sense resistor configuration:15.625µV LSB and ±64mV dynamic range
  • Current accumulation
    • Internal sense resistor: 0.25mAhr LSB
    • External sense resistor: 6.25µVhr LSB
  • Voltage measurement with 4.88mV resolution
  • Temperature measurement using integrated sensor with 0.125°C resolution
  • System power management and control feature support
  • 32 bytes of lockable EEPROM
  • 16 bytes of general purpose SRAM
  • Dallas 1-Wire interface with unique 64-bit device address
  • Low power consumption:
    • Active current: 90µA max
    • Sleep current: 2µA max


  • Cell Phones
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Palmtops, Handy Terminals (incl. barcode)
  • Pen Entry Palmtops, PDAs and Organizers
  • Smart Battery Packs/Chargers

DS2760K: Li+ Battery Monitor Evaluation Kit
Product Reliability Reports: DS2760.pdf 
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