Dallastat Electronic Digital Rheostat

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The DS1669 Dallastat™ is a single digital rheostat or potentiometer with access to all three potentiometer terminals. The potentiometer has 64 wiper positions with equal or linear resistive step sizes. This device has both positive and negative 8V (max) supply inputs for maximum wiper outputs of ±7.5V. The wiper position is stored in EEPROM for power-up in a known position or to save calibration information. Control access is configurable with a single pushbutton, dual pushbutton, or digital source input.
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Key Features

  • Replaces Mechanical Variable Resistors and Potentiometers
  • Electronic Interface Provided for Digital as well as Manual Control
  • Wide Differential Operating Range Up to ±8V
  • Wiper Position Is Maintained in the Absence of Power
  • Available in 8-Pin SO and 8-Pin DIP Packages
  • Standard Resistance Values for Dallastat
    • ~ 10kΩ (DS1669-10)
    • ~ 50kΩ (DS1669-50)
    • ~ 100kΩ (DS1669-100)
  • Operating Temperature Range
    • Extended Industrial: -40°C to +85°C


  • Audio Volume Control
  • Mobile Phones and PDAs
  • Portable Electronics
  • Replacement for 6-Bit Linear DAC Functions
  • Replacement for Mechanical Potentiometers

Technical Documents

Tutorial 4292 Where Is Ground?
Tutorial 3081 How to Increase the Bandwidth of Digital Potentiometers 10x to 100x
App Note 184 Digitally-Controlled Phase Shift Using the DS1669

Quality and Environmental Data

Product Reliability Reports: DS1669.pdf 
Lead-Free Package Tin (Sn) Whisker Reports
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Note : The failure rates are summarized by technology and mapped to the associated material part numbers. The failure rates are highly dependent on the number of units tested.

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