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DS1401, DS1401-4 Front Panel iButton Holder
DS1402-BP8, DS1402-BR8, DS1402-RP3, DS1402-RP8, DS1402D-DB8, DS1402D-DR8 1-Wire Network Cables
DS1402D-10, DS1402D-11, DS1402D-17, DS1402D-3 iButton Probe Component Parts
DS1402D-41 iButton Probe Blue Dot Subassembly
DS1404 Touch and Hold Probe Cable Cradle
DS1410D Parallel Port Button Holder
DS1410E, DS1410E-001 Parallel Port Adapter
DS1410K iButton Developer's Kit
DS1411-009, DS1411-S09 Serial Port iButton Holder
DS1413 Passive Serial Port iButton Holder
DS1420 Serial ID Button
DS1422 1kbit Add-Only UniqueWare Button
DS1425 Multi iButton
DS1427 Time iButton
DS1904 iButton RTC
DS1920 Temperature iButton
DS1921G Thermochron iButton Device
DS1921H, DS1921Z High-Resolution Thermochron iButton Devices
DS1921K Thermochron iButton Starter Kit
DS1921L-F5X Thermochron iButton
DS1922E iButton High-Temperature Logger with 8KB Data-Log Memory
DS1922F Digital Sterilization Monitor for Autoclave Sterilizers
DS1922L, DS1922T iButton Temperature Loggers with 8KB Data-Log Memory
DS1923 iButton Hygrochron Temperature/Humidity Logger with 8KB Data-Log Memory
DS1925 iButton High-Density Temperature Logger with 122KB Data-Log Memory
DS1925EVKIT Evaluation Kit for the DS1925
DS1961S iButton 1Kb EEPROM with SHA-1 Engine
DS1963L 4kbit Monetary iButton
DS1963S iButton Monetary Device with SHA-1 Function
DS1964S DeepCover Secure Authenticator iButton with SHA-256
DS1964SEVKIT Evaluation Kit for the DS1964S
DS1971 iButton 256-Bit EEPROM
DS1972 iButton 1024-Bit EEPROM
DS1973 iButton 4Kb EEPROM
DS1977 iButton 32KB EEPROM
DS1982 iButton 1Kb Add-Only
DS1982U, DS1985U UniqueWare iButton Device
DS1985 iButton 16Kb Add-Only
DS1986 iButton 64Kb Add-Only
DS1986U Not recommended for new designs
DS1990A iButton Serial Number
DS1990R Serial Number iButton
DS1991 iButton MultiKey
DS1992, DS1993 iButton 1Kb/4Kb Memory
DS1994 iButton 4Kb Memory Plus Time
DS1995 iButton 16Kb Memory
DS1996 iButton 64Kb Memory
DS28E17 1-Wire®-to-I2C Master Bridge
DS9092, DS9092GT, DS9092T iButton Probe
DS9092K iButton Starter Kit
DS9092L iButton Probe with LED
DS9092R, DS9092RG iButton Port
DS9093A, DS9093F, DS9093N iButton Key Ring Mounts
DS9093RA, DS9093RB iButton Plastic Card Mounts
DS9093S iButton Wall Mount
DS9094-SM3, DS9094-SM5 Surface-Mount iButton Clip
DS9094F, DS9094FS iButton Clip
DS9096P iButton Adhesive Pads
DS9097, DS9097E COM Port Adapter
DS9097U, DS9097U-009, DS9097U-E25, DS9097U-S09 Universal 1-Wire COM Port Adapter
DS9098P iButton Retainer
DS9100A, DS9100B, DS9100C Touch and Hold Probe Stampings
DS9101 Multipurpose Clip
DS9104 Digital Decoder Ring
DS9105, DS9105-SET iButton Number Set
DS9106L, DS9106L-BL, DS9106L-GN, DS9106L-OG, DS9106L-PK, DS9106L-WH, DS9106L-YL, DS9106S, DS9106S-GN, DS9106S-OG, DS9106S-PK, DS9106S-WH, DS9106S-YL iButton Halo
DS9107 iButton Capsule
DS9108 Concrete Temperature Monitor
DS9481R-3C7 USB-to-1-Wire/iButton 3.3V Adapter
DS9490 USB to 1-Wire/iButton Adapter
DSECASH eCash Evaluation Kit
MAX66000 ISO/IEC 14443 Type B-Compliant 64-Bit UID
MAX66020 ISO/IEC 14443 Type B-Compliant 1Kb Memory Fob
MAX66040 ISO/IEC 14443 Type B-Compliant Secure Memory
MAX66100 ISO 15693-Compliant 64-Bit UID
MAX66120 ISO 15693-Compliant 1Kb Memory Fob
MAX66140 ISO 15693-Compliant Secure Memory
MAX66901-K00 High-Frequency Developers Kit for ISO 14443B and ISO 15693 RFID Keys
MAX66903-K00 Evaluation Kit for the MAX66100, MAX66120, and MAX66140
MAXREFDES131 MAXREFDES131#: 1-Wire Grid-EYE Sensor