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Empowering Educational Development

The Maxim IoT Platform equips anyone interested in quickly creating a connected device, from distance-learning students to makers, to do so wherever they are. The modular platform consists of a central microcontroller board, the MAX32630FTHR, and four attached peripheral boards, or sensor wings. Since the peripheral boards include sensors for body temperature and heart-rate monitoring, users can use the platform to prototype connected designs such as health monitoring applications. Available demo software uses the Bluetooth Low Energy radio on the MAX32630FTHR to connect the system to an Android or iOS device, which pushes data to the Arm® Mbed Device Connector or Adafruit IO for data display and analysis. The platform comes with free online development tools and open-source libraries via the Arm Mbed IoT Device Platform, enabling faster prototyping. Maxim has teamed up with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to develop an upper-division IoT course based the IoT Platform. If you’re interested in working with us to create a unique course offering for your university program, contact us.

Empowering IoT Innovation at Cal Poly
3:06 May 26, 2018

Featured Boards

MAX32630FTHR Central microcontroller for wearable applications Buy
MAX11301WING PIXI 20-port programmable analog IO Buy
MAX30003WING Clinical-grade ECG analog front-end Buy
MAX30205EVSYS Clinical-grade human body temperature sensor Buy
MAX32625PICO* Programmer Buy

*MAX32625PICO is included with your order of the MAX32630FTHR

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