Sensors and Field Instruments

An abundance of remote sensors are connected to the industrial control management infrastructure. These sensors collect and communicate process and environmental information back to the automation controllers. Within the wide range of sensor types used, the most common are temperature, pressure, and vibration. Standard outputs used for communications include analog voltage or current, smart digital, and digital on/off (in the case of threshold sensors).

Field instruments are handheld devices that are frequently used to maintain, repair, and calibrate remote sensors. These devices are typically battery powered and require precise sensor interface electronics.


Temperature Sensing

We provides silicon-based temperature sensors, single-chip resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and thermocouple interface ICs.

Temperature Sensors
RTD and Thermocouple Interface ICs

Pressure Sensing

Our wide range of analog input signal chain solutions are ideal for use in pressure and force-sense applications. Explore common signal chain solutions for pressure sensing applications.

Pressure Sensors Signal Chain Solutions

Featured Products

24-Bit, Low Power, Low Noise, Delta-Sigma ADC with Integrated PGA


The MAX11270 is a 24-bit delta-sigma ADC that achieves excellent 130dB SNR while dissipating an ultra-low 10mW. Sample rates up to 64ksps allow both precision DC and AC measurements. Integral non-linearity is guaranteed to 4ppm maximum.

RTD-to-Digital Temperature Sensor Interface


Provides 0.5°C total accuracy with fault detection and ±45V input protection

Ultra-Accurate Local Temperature Sensor


This IC converts the temperature measurements to digital form using a high-resolution, sigma-delta, analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Accuracy is ±0.5°C from -40°C to +105°C. Communication is through an I2C-compatible 2-wire serial interface.

Low-Power, Low-Noise Multichannel Sensor Signal Processor


A highly integrated, low-power, low-noise multichannel sensor signal processor optimized for process-control applications such as pressure sensing and compensation, RTD and thermocouple linearization, weight sensing and classification, and remote process monitoring with limit indication.


The following solutions offer in-depth design information for building an analog signal chain which bring microvolt-through-millivolt analog sensor signals into the digital domain.

Temperature Sensor solutions provide design information, featured products, and block diagrams for temperature-sensor related products.

Pressure Sensor solutions provide design information, featured products, and block diagrams for force and pressure-sensing products.

Functional solutions provide design information for analog input/output, and sensor functional solutions.

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