Automated Test Equipment

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) refers to any equipment used to perform assembly line type testing of produced items. Generally the term is applied to equipment that is used in testing integrated circuits and printed circuit boards during the manufacturing process. Automatic test equipment can range from small pc-driven dedicated fixed purpose testers to large fully programmable machines that cost millions of dollars.


Test pins connect to a device under test (DUT) and either inject or measure a signal. The speed and resolution of the pin driver and the number of pins supported determine the capability of the test equipment. Our pin drivers were designed primarily for use in semiconductor device test equipment.

ATE Pin Drivers 

Featured Products

6A, 2.4V to 5.5V Input, High-Efficiency Power Module


Provides fixed-frequency voltage regulator for space-constrained applications.

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Dual, Low-Power, 500Mbps ATE Driver/Comparator with 35mA Load


This dual, low-power, high-speed, pin electronics driver/comparator/load (DCL) IC includes, for each channel, a three-level pin driver, a dual comparator, variable clamps, and an active load.

Quad, Ultra-Low-Power, 200Mbps ATE Drivers/Comparators


This four-channel, ultra-low-power, pin-electronics IC includes a two-level pin driver, a window comparator, a passive load, and force-and-sense Kelvin-switched parametric measurement unit (PMU) connections for each channel.

Dual 1.1Gbps Pin Electronics with Integrated PMU and Level-Setting DACs


This fully integrated, high-performance, dual-channel pin electronics IC integrates multiple automatic test equipment (ATE) functions into a single IC, including driver/comparator/load (DCL), parametric measurement unit (PMU), and built-in (16-bit) level-setting digital-to-analog converters (DACs).


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