Industrial Semiconductor Market

In the continuous pursuit of ever-deeper industrial convergence, we seek to add technology to our product portfolio to help move intelligent decision-making right to the very edge of the factory floor. Our products provide real-time information that allow artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to support these decisions. We focus on providing key building blocks for all types of industrial automation systems that comprise of sensors, analog/digital I/Os, and actuators.

Industrial automation systems use sensors to detect real-world quantities (e.g. temperature, pressure) and convert them into robust electrical signals. Analog or digital inputs condition these signals to make them suitable for input to lower voltage industrial controllers. A controller determines if an adjustment to the system is required and if so, sends a signal to an analog or digital output that converts it to higher voltage levels typically required to drive actuators.

Our industrial semiconductor products are used to construct the control infrastructure in buildings, factories, and refineries, and to enhance the efficiency of modern energy and transportation networks. For over 30 years, we have been designing robust, extended-temperature-grade ICs for industrial applications.

Today, we offer sensor, analog and digital IOs, motion control, analog processing, interface, and communications products. Featuring integrated current and voltage protection, reduced space and low power requirements, our products provide exceptional performance across a wide range of industrial applications.

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